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Fuel Economy Update for August — A Healthy Jump in Combined MPG - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Long-Term Posts: 10,006
edited September 2015 in Chevrolet
imageFuel Economy Update for August — A Healthy Jump in Combined MPG - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Long-Term Road Test

The Edmunds long-term Chevrolet Colorado's overall fuel economy improved in July and August. It also established new best range and mpg benchmarks.

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  • s197gts197gt Posts: 485
    at least you know that the rated highway mileage is possible. unlike some other vehicles you have in your fleet. was he even hyper-miling?
  • the last 2 times i filled up were different from what the trip computer says by a 1/2 mpg and 1.25 mpg this time. hopefully this isnt a phony computer display issue like VW
  • From most reviews I see, and from what lots of real world owners say, it's not unusual for trip computers on most new cars to read differently than what the miles driven/gallons used calculation after a fill up comes out to. It seems to be like that with most manufacturers. I don't think there's anything "phony" about it, it's just however the computer measures fuel use doesn't come out as accurately. I think the computer number is best to just consider as a rough estimate and figure it's probably a little on the high side. And VW... maybe I've misunderstood the issue but I thought it was emissions that VW faked - not fuel economy. The diesels are actually getting great mileage - albeit while emitting illegal pollution levels, and it will probably change when whatever the correction for the emissions comes out, but I don't think the on board displays are faking anything regarding current fuel economy.
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