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2000 GMC Sierra stalling each day at start up!

cringer7cringer7 Member Posts: 2
edited September 2015 in GMC
I own a 2000 Sierra Z71 4.8 liter. when I start my truck up in the morning and drive it without letting it warm up it just shuts down, stalls while driving then I come to a stop the battery light comes on and my head lights are still on ! Then after a few minutes I Turn the key it starts right up! (I try turning the key a few times it turns over each time but don't run)if I let it set a few it starts right up and I go to work in it 45 min drive. but if i runs it for 3 -5 min without driving it it's fine.
Get back in my truck and start it same problem for 3-5 min. real irrating if i sit there for a few minutes to let it warm up its fine but who has 3-5 min to let it warm, no codes come up on diagnostics. I reset the computer to see if it would go away but no!Any Ideas! I cleaned the mass air flow sensor,and cleaned out the the throttle body could it be the PCM does it need to be replaced. HELP!


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