Engine cuts off, no power while underway

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Sprinter 2006, 2500, ~196,000 miles

While underway, the engine suddenly with no warning, stops. It will restart immediately afterward

There is an DTC code P0201 Injector circuit/ open cylinder 1.

Earlier the same happened except the code was P201 injector circuit open cylinder 1 cylinder 3. I drove it to the dealer 50 miles with perhaps one restart in that distance

The dealer replaced the injectors on both cylinders 1 and 3.

A very few thousand miles and two weeks later the same occurred...... the engine ceased on the hiway. it could be restarted and run perhaps a half mile. The dealer replaced the ECM and reprogramed it

Today the same happened with the P0201 code as before. the engine restarted while coasting and made it about a mile home

The electrical circuits have been checked for shorts. The injectors 1 & 3 have been replaced. The ECM has been replaced. The Sprinter has been driven ~ 2,000 miles with no problems and then the engine stopped. The technician recounts all the stuff I can read on the internet as being checked as a cause

Apparently something on the injector circuit is sensed and the ECM turns everything off. It is scary

Is there a suggestion as the cause to the problem?
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