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Pricing for 2015 RAV4 Limited

charligcharlig Member Posts: 3
edited September 2015 in Toyota
Hi, can anyone tell me if I am getting a good deal on the below, taking into consideration it is end of month and approaching end of year. Zip is 33715 and it is for Limited model with no additional add ons.

Price 29,784.00
Dealer Savings -3,526.00
Adjusted Price: 26,258.00

Trade in on a 2011 RAV4 UT in good condition with 69,250 miles and add-in options of moonroof, remote starter, anti-theft:
12,000 (negotiated from initial offer of 9,000)
Difference with trade in 14,258.00
Sales Tax 953.79
Tag/registration Fees 298.75
Dealer Service Fee 699.95

Balance Due: 16,218.99


  • charligcharlig Member Posts: 3
    I forgot to add, both are FWD.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited September 2015
    TMV is coming in at $26,524, which is below invoice ($27,486) for a Limited FWD in St. Pete.

    So the selling price is okay, a little bit below the TMV "average". Those numbers include the $885 destination.

    You are in the Southeast Toyota distribution area, which apparently is where that crazy $700 dealer service fee is coming from. With that fee, you're back in so-so deal territory.

    Okay, on to your trade. Edmunds has trade-in values for used cars, and appraising yours (in "clean" condition), I come up with $11,957. But I don't know what the UV means, so I used the base 4 speed automatic with your options.

    I'd try to get that service fee whacked. Likely the best way to do that is to negotiate the $16,218.99 number down, maybe counter with $ 15,218.99 and go from there. Focusing on that "out the door" number keeps you from having to negotiate every other number.

    Checking prices up in Chattanooga just to get an idea of what dealers outside of SET are doing, I'm getting a TMV around $26,000. Kind of odd since there's a $1,000 invoice showing there, but not in Florida. So take a road trip and save about $1,100.
  • charligcharlig Member Posts: 3
    Hi Steve, thank you so much for this information, it is very much appreciated! I did the car value via Edmunds and it came at $12, 171 so that's why I pushed them to offer that. I asked them to give me $26,000 (vs $26,258 offered) plus 3 year maintenance (vs 2 year offered) + taxes and all other fees and they would not do that and said the above is the best deal they could give me - so I left. I'm going to visit another dealer today and see what happens. Thanks again, I'm a single mom so want to try and get the best and fairest deal I can :).
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