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I have had problems with my 2002 Altima starting on 2 different occasions. The first was in January and the second time was this morning. In both cases, the last time I drove it was for about 30 seconds, moving it from one side of the driveway to the other then leaving it for at least a day. Then when I'm ready to drive it, the car won't start. After the Jan episode the dealer said that I should just pump the gas. That was also the case today. In each case, it still took a while to start. Anybody else have these issues?


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    Glad to know I'm not alone! I also have a 2002 and it has happened five times to me in cold weather and once today (70 degrees!). Additionally, like Melissa, I had moved my car, leaving it on for only a minute or to. Initially, the service person at the dealer was mystified, no one else had this complaint. But then, several days ago I had the recal on the fuel pump fixed which the dealer said should solve the not starting problem. Ha! Anyway, yes pumping the gas does work, which my husband figured out. I can't count the number of times I have been late/missed work! Should not be happening in such a new car!!!!
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    I couldn't start my car this morning. Contacted Nissan Roadside Assistance and they said that the car was flooded. Now how can a 2003 Altima flood so easily!?!
    I am not convinced that we should be pumping the gas. What's the point of having automatic fuel injection (rhetorical)? I am taking it to the dealer tomorrow morning to have it checked.
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    Don't waste your time with the dealer. They blamed my remote starter and charged me 80 bucks. It is such BS but they wouldn't listen to me, so I will be calling that 800 Nissan number. I am really quite fed up with my dealer
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    I think there is a TSB, technical service bulletin, for this problem,
    I think there is a fix, some kind of a cam sensor needs replacing, not an expert here

    check out this forum =&forumid=51
    you can do a search on "won't start" etc, many others with the same problem
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    I also have the problem starting my 02 after running less then a minute and waking the next morning to a flooding condition. Spoke to techs at Nissan and they admit they have a problem with no solution as yet. Nissan 800 is a waste of time only there to stroke you.
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    I used to own a 1991 too had a problem re-starting after starting in the garage and backing onto the driveway and shutting it down. The total run time had to be around 30 seconds. It had to be pumped many times the next time I wanted to start it. I just learned to not shut it off before a couple minuets run time and didn't have the problem afterwards..
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