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imageBrings the Nosie, Needs the Suspension - 2015 Ford Mustang GT Long-Term Road Test's long-term 2015 Ford Mustang GT makes all the right noises. Now it needs the suspension and handling to match.

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  • markinnaples_markinnaples_ Member Posts: 251
    Bring the nosie?
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
    IDK, you spend an extra couple grand on a performance pack you really shouldn't have to spend another couple grand to actually get a performance upgrade.

    My guess is that engineers didn't believe that buyers would really put up with the ride compromise involved with what you want. Consider how badly people dinged Ford in the JD Power intitial quality survey over My Ford Touch, even though the issue was poor function, not quality. I suspect there are a lot of buyers that would get the sport suspension that would later whine constantly if it was 'too stiff'.
  • defyant15defyant15 Member Posts: 74
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    Totally agree. This thread covers exactly the mods you mention plus a few more that DONT add NVH or ruin the ride, but should greatly improve performance. A lot of us want to outhandle the 1LE without killing the everyday livability of the new Mustang and think it should be possible. :-)
  • daryleasondaryleason Member Posts: 501
    I understand having different sized tires if you're racing constantly. But I've never cared for it on a street model. You can't rotate the tires. Most people will never realize the performance advantage of the difference in front and rear tires during normal driving. All you're doing is shortening the life of good rubber. At least, after you burn through the first set smoking the rears and realize you can't afford to do that all the time.
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    Ford has finally relented and has started using the same magical magnetorheological dampers GM has been using for years. The Mustang GT350 uses them and maybe they will be offered as part of the performance pack in the future.
  • subatomicsubatomic Member Posts: 140
    In a three-way comparison, Car and Driver rated the Mustang GT/Performance Package ahead of the Camaro SS 1LE and the Challenger RT Scat Pack. The 1LE is the sharpest handling car, but it is not necessarily a car that would be easy to live with or drive regularly. The Mustang GT PP seemed to be the best overall compromise.
  • roadburnerroadburner Member Posts: 16,443
    I've driven both a GT PP and a 2SS 1LE and I'd give a slight but definite edge to the Camaro in the fun to drive category. Yes, it's a laser-focused track toy(it will lap VIR in under three minutes with the proper rubber), but as dual-purpose cars go it is far from a penalty box- even as a daily driver. While the 2SS interior isn't as attractive as the one in the GT Premium, it is much better looking than the execrable material that passes for upholstery in the base GT. And-wonder of wonders!-Chevrolet has figured out how to fit seat heaters in their ponycar's Recaros. The 1LE's exhaust note alone will make you smile every time you fire up the LS3.
    I'm considering both cars for my next HPDE car, and the only thing that really gives me pause is the Camaro's poor outward visibility.

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