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Rewrite Car Lease Contract...

webikuswebikus Member Posts: 2
edited September 2015 in Audi
One month ago (08/26/2015) I traded in my previous car and leased a new one in the same dealer. But few days ago I've received the email and then mail (because I live in another state now) with a new contract and "Acknowledgment of the Rewritten Contract". The reason for rewriting: "buyer and co-buyer signed in the same line". The new contract is without any changes in numbers and dated by date of previous contract(08/26/2015). I checked my old contract and I didn't see any lines with two signatures in the one line. In "Acknowledgment of the Rewritten Contract" is written that the date of new contract will be 09/25/2015.

1. Is it safety to sign new contract and "Acknowledgment of the Rewritten Contract"?

2. What could be the real reason for rewriting?


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