Critical Question. Noise From Drivers Front When Engaging Reverse and Turning.

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I called this critical because my son just reported this and he and his very pregnant wife have to take a 12 hour drive to a new job.
He hears a bomp bomp sound when shifting to reverse and turning. The sound comes from the front driver's side.
I found a thread that goes for 16 pages about changing the differential lubricant to solve a problem like this but his is a front wheel drive and the thread seems to be about AWD CR-Vs.
He has not been able to find a reliable mechanic in the Houston TX area. He is a pretty savvy car guy. We have changed brake pads, rotors. exhaust systems, timing belts, master cylinders, etc before he moved from Buffalo NY to Houston. Every time he has taken a vehicle to a shop down there he could smell ripoff.
So my questions are:
Is this thread about front wheel drive also?
Would you risk a 12 hour drive with this condition?

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    Would you risk a 12 hour drive with this condition?

    Never. 12 hrs drive is about two hours by plane. Ship the car by transporter .


    Trade in this clunker and lease a new one.
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