Trouble Starting after DIY Electrical work

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I'll tell you the basic problem first, and add more background info below. If I go to start the van within an hour of shutting it off, it usually starts fine. After sitting for about an hour, it will have trouble. The starter sounds like normal and is definitely turning the engine, but it doesn't start right away. Sometimes it starts after a few tries, sometimes it doesn't start at all. Occasionally it starts and quickly dies. After it has started it runs absolutely fine as far as I can tell, no stalling or hesitating.

Now for some important background. I bought a GPS tracking system for this car and installed it myself. The system includes a feature to remotely disable the engine. I tried to install the provided relay to interrupt power to the fuel pump, but I couldn't get the device to successfully operate the relay, so I took it out and reconnected the fuel pump wires. The problem didn't emerge until about a week after I had installed the device, but of course, it seems unlikely that they are unrelated. When the problem started happening it seemed like the wire I had reconnected was just coming loose, and I connected it more securely, which solved the problem that time.

What exactly is going wrong? What would explain the fact that it has trouble starting but then has no trouble running?
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