Unusual Dashboard Light Pattern

Bruce GBruce G Virginia BeachPosts: 1
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Currently own 2006 Toyota RAV 4 Limited with 4 cylinder/automatic/4 wheel drive option. I have the following lights lit on the dashboard: Check Engine, 4WD, and VSC. No codes on the ODC 3. Numerous checks by mechanics have left them scratching their head and throwing up hands. Considered connection with ABS, but that light would have been lit. Thought since the 4 WD is always energized as it can be shifted on the fly that something might going on there, but I frankly have no clue. Has anyone had this particular issue and if so, what how did you get it resolved?


  • royallenroyallen Posts: 227
    Any check engine (in my experience) causes a fail safe lock-out of 4WD and VSC. My 06 RAV4 has had 3 of the 6 ignition coils fail in about a year and each had an appropriate code to pinpoint the issue.
    I'm not a code system professional, however, my Haynes manual suggests you need an OBD-II scan tool.
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