Check out an Austin truck for me?

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Hey, Group! I am in Missouri and in the market for a 2013 or 14 Ford F-150 SuperCrew. I am finding via car shopping sites that trucks in Texas seem to be a lot less than in Missouri. I have found one in Austin, TX that looks like a really good deal, almost too good to be true. Does anyone know of an independent service or anything that will go to a dealership to check out a vehicle for me before I drive 400 miles just to find the truck is a flood truck or something?


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    That's kind of funny. I have a good friend over near Abilene and he couldn't find squat for a decent older truck at a reasonable price last year there or in Dallas, so wound of getting one here in Las Cruces.

    I think Pep Boys does a pre-purchase inspection, but the one in Austin has lousy Yelp reviews, fwiw.

    Anyone have a good indy mechanic they use in Austin?
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    I wouldn't take any car to Pep Boys!
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    Thanks, guys. Unfortunately they sold the truck before I could talk to a salesman about it. I'm still open to going to Austin for a truck, so the information you provided is helpful.
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    Well, it's a fun town. :)
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