Tesla Delivers a Model X Worth the Wait | Edmunds.com

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Tesla Delivers a Model X Worth the Wait | Edmunds.com

Tesla Motor's Model X all-electric SUV made its retail debut Tuesday as the first six production models were delivered in a ceremony attended by more than 1,500 of Tesla's biggest fans and proudest owners.

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  • drcomputerdrcomputer Member Posts: 82
    "Musk has said the target price for the Model 3 will be $50,000, before incentives". The correct answer is the target price of the Model 3 is set at $35,000 before incentives.
  • thepuffthepuff Member Posts: 87
    What's the point of the filtration system unless you never leave the confines of the car or wear an SCBA when walking around outside the car....a bunch of fluff to justify the "ludicrous" price of these things.
  • the_jernsthe_jerns Member Posts: 8
    It looks like an even more ugly version of a Prius. No thank you.
  • diigiidiigii Member Posts: 156
    Can't they design a better looking front fascia?
  • jodelljodell Member Posts: 9
    Drcomputer - you are correct, it is $35,000 before incentives. We've made the change in the article. Thanks for catching it! (Can I chalk it up to late night/long day mental fatigue?)
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 9,593
    Building a great vehicle for $130,000+ is not a major achievement. I'll be very curious about the Model 3, both in time to market and actual price.
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