Grinding and clunking while driving over bumps

davidsfarmdavidsfarm Member Posts: 1
edited October 2015 in Chevrolet
My chevy avalanche keeps making a weird loud grind noise over bumps when driving and not all the time. shift really good new tranny at 190,000 miles got 211,000 on it and when i put it in R it delays it bit then clunk really loud then I put it in D then delays a sec then clunk really loud the dealer replaced all the U-joints still does it in continues to get worse. I go over the railroad tracks at 25mph then it really grinds and makes noises underneath i can feel the whole truck vibrate when it's doing it. my friend told me the transfer case is out someone else told me it's the rear end? is thing something i should keep driving? I need help I don't want to spend 1,500 for a transfer case and it don't fix it.
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