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Anyone out there have any ideas on alternatives to bumper guards in terms of protecting your vehicle from parallel parking dings (from other parking around your car that is)? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    but it's not the bumper guards that affect me, but door-kickers parking on either side. wide steps and cladding work much of the time on my SUV for that.

    problem with crew-served weapons is, most malls won't allow the scaffolding around their light towers for them to set the machine guns on, and those parking spaces around the towers are invariably full.

    also, I am not Iraq, and can't attract the attention of the army to get the crews and the weapons.

    IN THE REAL WORLD, you could park way the hay on the other end of the parking lot, and have a nice long walk to and from the mall. good for the heart.

    parking diagonally in two spaces will probably get you keyed, not door-dinged, so I don't recommend it.

    I don't have much occasion to parallel park any more, outside of trips to Ax-Man Surplus and parks, and there, nobody plays bumper cars.
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    People cause dings, cars don't.
    My answer was to move to the mountains of western NC, keep my Murano garaged at home, and to hardly if ever go anywhere near other people.
    Stay home, shop on the internet, don't worry, be happy.
    No dings so far!
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    Agreed, unfortunately that is not an option for me. Any other solutions?
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    if you don't want to put on bumper guards, hang a couple boat fenders across each bumper.

    it ain't legal to tape shaped charges to the fenders to blow inwards the bumpers of the characters who are using the "thump-thump" method of parallel parking. nice to dream, though
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    My beautiful Murano was "rear ended" by another vehicle in August 2003 and it has been a fiasco for the past 2 months in dealing with replacing the lift gate. Nissan has sent 3 replacement lift gates, but each one has been defective in construction. It still hasn't been repaired! Apparently Nissan has an investigation into the construction of these lift gates. So, Murano owners BE ALERTED to this concerning issue! Has anyone experienced this same problem?
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    That sucks. I am hoping to avoid any rearending. I just have problems with neighbors playing bumper cars because they dont know how to parallel park! Good luck with the repairs. let us know what happens.
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    What kind of defect the lift gates have? bad welding? crack metal sheet?.....
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    The rear lift gate is plastic over a metal frame.
  • swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    put something strong in a body part? horrible :-D
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