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Fuel pump

shonbooshonboo Member Posts: 1
edited October 2015 in Dodge
I have a 98 dodge durango and I've changed the fuel pump 3 times already, this last time I changed it out , sometimes when in out and crank the car it cuts back off , I have to hit the fuel pump hard with something Alot, of times then it will start and if I drive  it a while and then it stalls please help me someone


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    93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello! Welcome to Edmunds. Let us analyse this logically. If you have replaced the fuel pump three times, it is unlikely that you have a bad pump. The chances of getting three bad ones in a row is out of this world, so let's rule out that fuel pump itself. Now, you say you have to hit the fuel pump several times, if I am not mistaken, the 98 durango has its factory pump in the fuel tank. If you are able to hit the pump then apparently either the pump has been replaced with an external one, or this is only a helper pump that was added to the system. Now that in itself could create a multitude of problems. The factory (in tank) pump is a pusher pump, it must maintain a certain pressure to work correctly. Of course without having the vehicle to run fuel system pressure checks; I can not say for sure. But it sounds like a previous owner had trouble with the factory pump and just added an external pump to the system. The only way to really correct this, if it is indeed the situation is to remove the external pump, return the system to its original state and replace the factory pump in the tank, which was most likely the cause of the problem all along. Now this is assuming that there are no leaks in the tank, lines, filter or any where else in the fuel system which would prevent the pump from pressurising the system. Now in the interest of safety, please do not attempt to replace the in tank pump at home, without proper knowledge of the system and the right tools, there are many dangers that lurk in repairing a fuel system. The nature of any fuel is highly flammable, and the vapours can burn so rapidly as to create the results of an explosion. Please take the vehicle to a reputable shop and have the internal pump replaced and the fuel system retuned to its original state. The one time investment will give years of trouble free driving, if this truly is the cause. Good luck to you.
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