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Silverado 1/2 Ton Crew Cab

lonestartjlonestartj Posts: 25
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Who all is interested in the new 1/2 ton crew cab Silverado, due to be released after the first of the year? Chevrolet may have finally got it right and decided to compete head to head with the Ford SuperCrew. I think it will definitely fit the bill for those of us who are turned off by the Avalanche's looks. I've been considering the new Colorado, but this 1/2 ton crew looks like a winner.


  • Been waiting for GM to come out with this for a while. I count not wait to unload my 00 LT ext cab Z71 for a 03 LT ext cab Z71. I put about 45K on a year these days. I sell and buy new at 90K so in another two years I will be ready to buy the new crew. I saw the truck it looks good.
  • From the specs I have seen on the Internet at, this thing is foot longer than the existing EXT cab It has basically the same dimensions as the 1500HD except that it comes with a 5'8" cargo box, This thing weighs a full 1000 pounds more than the existing ext cab and only comes with the 5.3. I would have loved the four door but this is just too much weight to carry around town all the time. As much as I hate the suicide doors on the EXT cab I just got an 03 Z71 Silverado.
  • ghislain, not sure why that link you posted shows a 237 inch overall length and 153 inch wheelbase, but shows it as having a 225.9" overall length and 143" wheelbase, right at the size of the EXT cab. I hope the smaller dimensions are correct, since they came from the Chevy website in their promo, but who knows. Don't know about the weight. If the wheelbase and length are the same as the ext. cab, I can't imagine it would weigh more than 300 or so lbs more than the ext. cab. Wish they did offer the 4.8 though, at least in the 2wd version. 285hp would be enough, that's a lot more than the Ford 4.6 in the SuperCrew.
  • The 1500HD was WAY TOO BIG to use as an every day truck. This 1500 crew cab is suppose to be the same size as an extended cab with a 6' bed. The only option in a Chevy to the Ford SCREW cab is the Avalanch and that thing is a toy IMO.

    I'm planning on a stop to my dealer soon to see when I can get one on order.
  • 500sks500sks Posts: 1
    When will ordering info be at the dealers? Can anybody help on this.
  • I was contacted by my dealer today and advised that my order could now be taken. I ordered a Silverado 1500 Crew Cab in Z71 style. The dealer did not have the price list available though.
  • I talked to one dealer who said he has no pricing or ordering info. I also got an e-mail from another who says c'mon in and order one now. I'm ready to sell my 2001 LS, Ext Cab Z71 and buy the 2004 1500 Crew Cab, Z71. I'm hoping rebates and current dealer discounts will still apply on the 1500 crew cabs. If so, I'll order one within a week. Does anybody have any info. as to how GM is discounting these?
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    It's hardly a winner. Outdated interior, marginal crash tests scores, weak base engine, and quality/reliability issues make it a flop. No doubt it will sell though. I'm just waiting for the restyling of the either 06 or 07 Silverado.
  • ssmilesssmiles Posts: 35
    My dealer called me yesterday regarding my order I placed back on December 15th. He advised me mine had a "target production date" of 2/9/04. I know they are building them at the Oshawa, Ontario plant. the GM media website states the first ones should begin arriving at dealerships by the end of January. I suppose mine will come in late February. Dealer did not have any info on GM incentives as of yet.
  • I really want one of these, but I fear ordering without seeing one. Just wondering if anyone has seen one or better yet driven one.
  • ssmilesssmiles Posts: 35
    Stanwict..I saw the Z71 version of it and sat in it at the LA Auto Show at the beginning of this month. It was identical to any other Silverado Crew Cab on the inside. The bed was the difference at only 5ft 8inches. Big enough for me, but perhaps not all folks. The overall length is infact the same size as the current extended cab short boxes, so it will fit in my garage:)
  • I put a 100$ down on a Z71 crew cab on Saturday. My dealer says it will go in as part of their allotment order and should arrive late Feb. or early March (faster turn around than normal order). I have a buyer for my 01 Ext. Cab lined up. I'll post again after it comes in.
  • My dealer called me today. He advised me that my crew cab has been built as of 2/3/04 and provided me with its vin number. It has been shipped with an expected arrival date of 2/12/04.
  • You're getting close now. Let us know your impressions after you get a few miles on it.
  • My dealer called me today and said they were backing my Z71 Crew Cab off the carrier truck as we spoke. I gotta wait till next week to pick it up though. It's getting Rhinoliner sprayed in the bed.
  • I took delivery of my crew cab on the evening of 2/18/04 at Cormier Chevrolet in Long Beach, CA. Total cost including taxes was $41788. I purchased a black Z71 model, which was loaded with everything except for the DVD player and engine block heater. Included in the price were two items that were dealer installed..a lockable hard tonneau cover and rhino liner. Lots of $$ for a truck, but at least I got the 0% financing for 5 years and took off a few more dollars from the above price ($1617 GM card rebate + $600 freebie add-on to the cards rebate in a promotional letter I received on 2/13/04).

    The buying experience was pleasant. The vehicle was not missing anything and seems to have a quality build (although its a bit early to judge that). I love the XM Satellite Radio. I am also impressed with the power from the 5300 V8 (I have the 4:10 gears).
  • Well they finally hit Houston. The one I drove was a Z71 with the LT package. The sticker was $40,168 (this included Delaer installed tubular side steps at a cost of $435). They are offering to sell me this truck at invoice! Total price $35,831 + tt&l. They are also offering $2500 cash back OR 0% interest for 60 mos. I am still trying to decide if now is the right time for me to make a move and but a new truck.

    I will let yall know what I decide.
  • Just out of curiosity what makes this critter worth $40,000 plus for a 1/2 ton truck?
  • $40,000 plus is for loaded up crew cabs. That seems to be the norm for what is hitting the showrooms first. It's also prior to rebates and dealer discounts. I think actual price difference between comparably equipped Ext. Cabs and Crew Cabs is $1700 - $1800. You make the call if the price difference is right for you. My dealer is letting me order one for invoice + destination + adv. costs. Will arrive early March. Will still apply $2500 rebate plus GM card earnings. So, $30,000 plus crew cabs are out there.
  • Geez,

    I forgot to mention my $40K+ price included the black tubular style running boards and a zero deductible 5 year / 75K mile GMPP warranty. It makes me feel a little better when I add this :)
  • I have calls out to four dealers to call me when one of these comes in. Looks like by the time I see one, the rebates could all be gone.

    Anyone who has one, do you have any issues with it? Comments please!

  • ssmilesssmiles Posts: 35
    So far so good. Not a single problem to date. According to the computer, my average gas mileage is roughly 15 mpg. I have the 4:10 gears.
  • Mine has been built and is in transit now. I hope to be able to pick it up next weekend or the Monday after. I can't hardly wait. I'm like a kid anticipating Christmas.
  • Traded in a 2001 ext. cab for a 2004 CC, Z71. Put about 250 miles on it over the weekend. Still getting to know it but pleased with most things right now. Enjoyed having the 4 doors and the extra room in the back for the kids.

    8 foot boards will stick about 4 inches past the end of the tailgate when it's down. A 6 foot folding table would not lay in the bed with the tailgate down (bed is about 5' 9"). Hoping for the best with this truck as the 2001 Silverado had given me no problems. Just was looking for the 4 real doors and a little more interior space while trading away box length.
    If anyone has questions about comparisons between the ext. cab and the CC, I'll try to post answers for you.
  • stanwictstanwict Posts: 60
    Does the truck feel snappy with the 410s? I have a std cab/six foot bed with the 5.3L and 410s and the truck is really snappy. I worry about the power “feel” difference between the crew and my current truck.

    When I finally get to drive one of these I will probably order one with the 410s just because I tow a pair of snowmobiles in an enclosed trailer and a 21 boat but curious to hear about your driving experiences.

    Also, did you get the leather? If so, what are your thoughts of it's longevity on the drivers seat?

    Best of luck! My ’99 has been nothing short of great. It’s got about 90k on it and it’s been trouble free (ok… the electric window bit the dust once on the drivers side window and I had a universal joint freeze up in the drive shaft…. very minor issues)
  • I have the 5.3 L with the 3.73 gears. Plenty of power for me as I only need to tow occasionally. The 3.73's should result in better MPG for me. The 04 5.3 L is rated for 10 more HP than the 01. So, I don't expect you'll see any performance drop. I couldn't feel any but I haven't gotten into it too hard yet as I'm still breaking it in.
    I have the cloth seats so I am unable to comment on the quality of the leather. I do too much tromping around the woods in the fall. My one comment about the interior is that GM made the headliner color too light. It is a very pale gray compared to the dark gray of the rest of the interior. Just seems off to me.
    As to build quality, no complaints so far but it is way too soon to sign off on that now. My 01 only needed (besides oil, filters and tire rotations) DRL bulbs on both sides and a tail gate cable. I'm hoping for that kind of quality again.
    Definitely try one on for size at your dealer. The major trade offs are the doors, 4 real doors CC versus suicide doors on the ext. cab. There is more convenience and slightly more passenger room in the crew cab. Also, no trapped passengers in tight quarters when both doors are open. CC, 5' 9" bed, Ext. Cab, 6' 6" bed. The CC will cost more than a ext. cab. So, do you need the passenger space and convenience or do you need the room in the bed and the cost savings?

    Either way, I think I got a great looking truck. Does anyone know how to post pictures? I'll put some up if it's not too painful.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,101
    bristol123, you have to use the html tags, like so:
    (img src=
    where is the web address of your photo, and () are replaced with <>. Hope this helps. Otherwise, you can just post the link to your photos.


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  • I just bought my new 04 LS Crew Cab... what a fantastic truck! I have had a 99, and 2002 LS Ex Cab Z-71s before this one.

    I gave up the 4wd because I can't justify it anymore. I haven't missed it yet, and the ride is much improved.

    I drove the dodge and ford both prior to buying.

    Dodge: CHEAP INTERIOR. SMALL BACK SEATS. All the rear seat is is the same size I had in my extended cab except the doors face the other way.

    Ford: NICE INTERIOR... IF YOU WANT A CAR. And what is up with the "scrunched up" windows on the front doors. I turned my head to look out the window on the test drive and I was staring at the door pillar. Very nice truck, but the price reflects it. And I do not want a car with a pickup bed attached... I want a truck.

    My Silverado has "Awesome" back seats. They have more room than our Tahoe does... (lack of wheel well I guess).

    I just drove mine to Austin and back from the D/FW area. Loaded down with 2 buddies and driving 70-75 the whole way. I have the 3.73 rear end... I got 17.5 MPG driving south into a stout wind... I got 19.8 driving north with the wind... Those are numbers that I can live with!!!
  • kcowboykcowboy Posts: 33
    I really like the new Silverado CC, what is the major difference between the 4WD and Z71 configuration and either LS or LT. Does the Z71 come in a LS edition, I prefer the cloth seats and really don't need all the bells and whistles. Will better incentives or rebates be available later in the year.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Has anybody done a pricing and driving comaprison between the 2 trucks?
    I understand that the Avalanche is built on the Suburban chassis and that it has a much better ride than the average pickup truck.
    How is the ride quality on the crew cabs?
    Was their a big price difference between the 2?
  • fanofgmfanofgm Posts: 12
    I have been looking at the Crew Cabs since they came out in March or so and the ride is VERY nice, better than my 99 Sierra. The prices are about the same, the crew cab is 1 to 3 thousand less. The Crew Cab I'm looking at is loaded, i mean every option, and it stickers right at 40k where the same Avalance is about 42 or 43.
  • bristol123bristol123 Posts: 22
    I've had my Silverado 1500 CC since March and I am approaching about 5000 miles on it now. So far, I am very impressed. I traded in an 01 Silverado Ext. cab - Z71 with 5.3L for essentially the same truck except for the Crew Cab. The 01 had GM piston slap and the occasional drive line clunk but otherwise was a very reliable vehicle. It also gave me about 14 - 15 mpg during the winter and about 17 mpg (max.) during the summer.
    No quality issues with the crew cab to date. No piston slap, no drive line clunk, great ride, no cab noises, no oil drips or usage and great power. Love the 4 real doors versus what I had with the ext. cab as no one gets trapped when both doors are open at the same time and you are parked next to another vehicle. The trade off is I occasionally wish I had the extra 9 inches in the bed but still get by without it.
    Just returned from a family vacation and got 20 mpg from upstate NY to Outer Banks of NC. Went faster on return trip and saw about 18.5 mpg. Still, ecstatic as mileage was better than 01 ever saw. Increased mpg probably due to less aggressive tire tread pattern on 04 and maybe hard tonneau cover versus soft on the 01.
    So, I heartily recommend the CC to anyone. If you can put up with door annoyance and need the extra bed space, you will save money on the ext. cab and still have a great truck.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Thanks for the info.
    There were improvements made to the 5.3L and along with a 10 hp increase in power everyone has been reporting at least 1 mpg better fuel economy.
    Do you have the 3.42 or 3.73 rearend?

    How is the ride quality and quietness on the road?
  • bristol123bristol123 Posts: 22
    Still has a great ride like the 01 did. Doesn't beat you up like a 3/4 ton truck. And definitly quiet with the Bridgestone Dueler A/T in a P26570R17. The rear end is 3.73.
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