99 Jimmy starting problem.

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so my daughters jimmy wont start.... was running fine... then had to repair main positive wire to battery...all ok... then intermittently started not cranking....turn the key and it just clicked... used jumpers on solenoid to jump manually it would click a coule times and then would start.... thought starter was gone so replaced it.... fired right up... shut it off and wouldnt start again....mostly just clicks and sometimes it will go wuh wuh wuh... thenback to clicking... tried a different battery and hooking up cables to boost it ... had good amp at batt 12-13... starter turned nicely when tested out of vehicle .. any suggestions ?


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    HELP !!
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    Hello! I am probably stating the obvious, but first, make sure the cable connection to the battery is tight. If that is not the problem, then most likely the wire you replaced the cable with is to small to carry the proper amperage for that starter. The required size for your vehicle is (one ought, 1/0), or it may be listed as one zero at some electrical parts houses. A smaller gauge wire will not carry enough amperage to both engage the solenoid and spin the starter motor in one shot. I have uploaded a copy of the starting system draw test, not that most people don't know how to test, but to show the table of average amp draw for a typical engine of 4, 6 and 8 cyl., It is in PDF and will open in your browser. It takes a lot of amps to initially engage that starting circuit. Good luck, and a great day!
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    thanks.. I will try these... having the amp chart is helpful too..!
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