Can my parent put a $500 (maybe $600) down payment for a $7,000 car?

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My dad is buying me a car. His credit score is around 600-650 and he's cosigning the car but I'm doing all the payments. We're looking for a car under $7000 and I'm not sure what car yet because we have an appointment at a dealership on Thursday. He wants me to get a car asap because he's tired of driving me around when he has his own errands to run. I'm not in a rush, he's the one that is. Wish me luck please! 

Btw If I didn't provide enough details, just ask because I wouldn't know what information that I'm missing.


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    That shouldn't be a problem. Any kind of car you have in mind? Hope it goes well.
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    Go to Carmax, you will tons of choices under one roof. In fact you will have a hard time deciding which one. Money has no name on it. Anyone can make a payment for you including your dad :)
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