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Cruise Control

penzfanpenzfan Member Posts: 16
edited October 2015 in Chevrolet
The Cruise Control on my 06 Suburban stopped working a few days ago. The green CC light on the dash does not come on and the cruise does not engage when I push the button. I've moved the switch from off to on and it feels fine. Fuse is fine and I replaced the Brake Light Switch today. Still not working. Any other ideas?


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    penzfanpenzfan Member Posts: 16
    Changed the turn signal, cruise, wiper switch today. Cruise still not working...
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    penzfanpenzfan Member Posts: 16
    Towed a U-Haul Trailer a few days ago and the cruise control worked fine while towing. Stopped working again once I disconnected the trailer. Is there a load sensor or similar control for the cruise?
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