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Timing Chain and Oil Consumption

macattackftwmacattackftw Member Posts: 1
edited October 2015 in Chevrolet
I bought my Equinox new in 2010. Within the first year it started to sound odd. Seemed like it was going through oil at a quick rate. I did not have much experience with cars so I just assumed some vehicles ate lots of oil and this was one of them.

I changed it or added new oil as needed (followed the car's oil notifications) but apparently that was not enough because eventually the timing chain broke or became too damaged for the car to run. I had it towed and they told me I wasn't putting enough oil in it. I told them there is an oil leak or something because I have put way more than the necessary amount of oil in it. Vehicle is no longer under warranty and the rattle is terrrrrrible. It eats about a quart every 500-700 miles. Some online mechanics have stated the cylinders may be oval shaped.

Is that the end? Does that mean eventually it'll need a new block due to this issue? What's to stop the next one from doing the same? Oil change every 3K miles even though I'm using 15K mile synthetic?

Side note: I pushed my back against the driver seat to pull my butt off the seat so I could pull my jeans down and the chair popped. Lumbar support no longer adjusts and makes some terrible clicking noise. I'm a healthy 190 lbs but apparently it isn't made for that much force.
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