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I have noticed that some Tundra owners are
concerned about changing oil and making a mess
because the oil filter has the plate under it .
Two ideas that I have come up with: Drill a small
hole in the plate 1/2 " or smaller. Attach a hose
to a funnel that would be under the oil filter and
the other end of the hose goes through the plate to
your oil catcher. Loosen the filter and let the
oil drain in the funnel. Then lift the filter and
funnel up.
2nd idea, loosen the filter,put a heavy plastic
bag over it and loosen it all the way. The oil and
the filter will be in the bag ,no mess!
Please give any feedback! I have a 2000 sr5 ex.
cab v-8 with only 200 miles. Really enjoying it, so
u can see that I haven't changed oil yet ,but
thinking of ways to keep it clean as possible when
I do.


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    I'll just leave this one alone...
  • eusasceusasc Member Posts: 91
    I won't... :-)

    It's a truck, who cares if you spill a little oil on it. Geez, take it to Jiffy Lube if you don't want to worry about the mess.
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    I was looking at this too. You can reach the filter from the topside too, but not with my short arms. Looks like the best way is to remove the driver side panel (3 bolts) and use a ziplock over the filter to catch the oil. Since I'm contemplating going with syn oil for this truck and changing oil every 5000 or 7500 miles this would only be about twice a year job for me. I like the fact the tranny has a drain bolt on it too. Much neater and I also keep a clean shop. Oil is so hard to clean off the black/white tiled floors.
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    Andy, I agree let's get this behind us. Your are right about the Tundra being too new for accurate reliability ratings. I have never owned anything but Big 3 products before. This is my first Toyota. I only went by those I knew that have had Toyotas and the incredibly high mileage these people get with little problems. I can only hope I do as well.

    If Dodge would have had the new 4.7 V8 available in the Dakota in early summer I more than likely would have one of those in my garage. But they didn't, and they also did not have the four doors (not the quad cab, bed too small for me). I really like the looks of the Dakota, but I am real happy with my Tundra.

    As for oil changes, I will be taking my truck to the dealer for the next year or so. They gave me a bunch of free oil change coupons and they are real close to my office. I can have them change the oil on my lunch hour. I used to be into changing my own oil when I was younger but now I don't mind paying $24 for someone else to do it.

    One word of caution, make sure you check the oil level before you leave the dealership. It seems that the 6.4 quarts capacity in the manual is too low. I don't know if it is just an estimate or they did not take into account the filter or possibly the oil cooler. But since my first change I pop the hood, take out my rag and check the dip stick before I drive off. In fact, that is how I got 2 free coupons after the first change. They were so embarressed that the oil level was low they gave me the coupons.
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    You were the one who brought up the money issue. My comments were for one reason. To provide info. I merely made the statement that I could afford to pay the extra money in return for quality. For me, that's what's important, not head room, leg room, back seat room. Or who wins more NASCAR races. You have different reasons for your choice. That quality has been proven in the past in Toyota's other vehicles, and more importantly the ones I've owned. Sure, it's a brand new truck and there will most assuredly be problems sufacing. But, I'm willing to take that chance as opposed to buying something that's proven to be less reliable.

    Now then, as to the oil issue. Someone also needs to inform the quick lube places that the Tundra needs more then 5 qts as well. The place that does my oil changes managed to underfill it about 1.5 qts.
  • cwirthcwirth Member Posts: 169
    Just got back from my dealer, finally, they put in the right amount of oil this time. I checked before leaving and it was fine. Your right, now we need to get the quick lube places to follow.

    Let's drop the money issue. To restate an infamous statement "Can't we all just get along?"
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    Just picked up my Tundra from the dealer. The oil came in right smack in middle between the two dots. Looks like they are figuring out the volume of the oil pan.
  • toytundramantoytundraman Member Posts: 19
    My dealer charges 9.95 for an oil & filter change-so why would I want to get under my Tundra anyway?
  • pchengpcheng Member Posts: 162
    Heck, my dealer gives me 4 free oil changes a year for as long as I own my car. So my choice is to bring it to the dealer for free, or to go spend my own money and time to change to oil.

    BTW, the dealer is located on the way to my office, and the oil change usually takes 45 min while I wait.
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    Somewhere I remember seeing a post that said a Toyota dealer said the factory filter was a 2-stage filter and not to use an aftermarket. Anybody on this topic heard this? Wonder what a "2-stage" filter really is.
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    Toyota filters have had an "anti siphon" valve (or something along those lines) included in the filter. It basically keeps the oil in the filter from draining back into the pan when it sits for long periods of time (overnight). I know many of the after-market filters don't have this feature.

    How much it actually adds to the lifespan of an engine is an unknown, but it makes sense to me and is why I prefer to stick with Toyota filters.

    I will have my Tundra's oil and filter changed by the Dealer (a freebie thrown in when I bought it), but on my past Toys I got together with other Toy driving friends and bought a case of filters (12?) through a wholesale Toyota parts shop and saved even more. BTW, many of the wholesale places offer free shipping if you spend over a certain $ amount.
  • mvelamvela Member Posts: 5
    9.95? Do all dealers change the oil at this
    price? I just purchased the filter from the
    dealer and that was the cost of the filter($9.95)
    they must be giving away the oil or the filter
    was marked up several hundred percent when I
    got mine.
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    The best "offer" I've seen from a local dealer is $14.95 PLUS tax and "shop supplies" and "oil disposal fee" ( about $20 total) AND you have to wait about a half hour to an hour. Not a bad deal, but considering that I'd have to drive 20 minutes each way to and from the dealership, that's more time involved. I can do it myself in 15 minutes.

    Also, changing your own oil ensures it's done RIGHT, and is a good chance for you to climb under it and look around for problems. I found a leaking tranny on my Ram just before it would have gone out of warranty. That's worth a lot of oil changes in itself.

    Finally, some people have had problems with oil change places that also do repairs. Seems they have a lot of cut belts and hoses, and electrical connections "disconnected". I prefer to just avoid any contact with the typical auto repair "professionals" out there, whenever possible.
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    Koon's Toyota in Westminster Maryland will change the oil and filter on any Toyota Product for $19.95 and guarantee only a 30 minute wait. On top of that they allways have a coupon on their website reducing it to $14.95. It took 45 minutes one time and they gave me the next oil change for free.
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    That valve is common place now on most oil filters. In the past most filters were mounted vertically and the only time oil would move through them was when the engine was running. I many new applications the filter is mounted horizontally. When the engine is turned off the oil drains back, carrying the dirt with it to the engine. the "anti-drainback" valve keeps the oil and the dirt in the filter.
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    There are several new posts in the maintenance topic on filters/studies. Might be worthwhile reading. Got ready to change my oil this weekend and realized my drain pan wouldn't hold 7 quarts. Oh well, back to Walmart.
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    Does anyone know a place on the web, were you can buy Oil Filters for the Tundra.

    I live 60 miles from the closest dealer, and would prefer to use a Toyota filter.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    You can order a Tundra V8 oil filter from Lou Fusz Toyota in St. Louis (1-800-?, don't have the phone number available right now, but will post later - they might have an internet site also). The price for the 90915-YZZB5 filter is $4.00 each or $3.75 each by the case (10) + shipping. I ended up getting one from my local dealer for $4.91 + tax for my initial oil change at 1000 miles.
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    Try toyota-parts.com
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    fyi-no parts listed for V8 Tundras
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    Does anyone have an opinion about synthetic oil vs. regular oil.
    I recently purchased a Toyota Tundra and would rather use a synthetic oil. I also own a Jeep and have always used Mobil 1 Synthetic. I have never had any drivetrain problems with my Jeep and will probably use Mobil 1 in my new Tundra.
    I was just curious if any Tundra owners have been using a synthetic oil and if they have any feedback.
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    5w-30 M1 and going strong.
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    check out the maintenance and repair conference...you can read posts for HOURS regarding conventional vs. synthetic oils.
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