2016 Acura MDX Purchase

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I am looking to buy 2016 MDX with Tech and Ent Package in CT/NJ/Philly/Delaware/Maryland area.

Based on my research, 45 K is the best price for this model + Application taxes etc and I am trying to find a dealer who can price match the same.

Any one else looking to buy this car in CT/NJ/Philly/Delaware/Maryland area ? I am trying to find more people who are planning to buy MDX so that we can negotiate the better deal with dealer. If anyone interested, please send me private message or post your response on this forum

Any suggestions where I can get a good deal?


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    People are certainly welcome to PM you, but I've yet to read about a group deal that saved anyone any money. It's not like a group accessory buy where the store is only dealing with one buyer, one payment method, etc. And you won't be able to negotiate OTD as easily when you have multiple people with different tax rates, different trims and different options/accessories.

    The best deals tend to happen when you get quotes from multiple dealers and often the end of the month or quarter is the best time to buy.
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    Thanks Stever for you suggestion. I updated my message with base price.

    Recently one of my friend bought an MDX and received very good discount on group purchase.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The only one I recall reading about here involved a fleet buyer getting four or five luxury sedans. Please keep us posted, love to hear how it goes with you.
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