Help! Power Steering Problem

sidewalkwillysidewalkwilly Member Posts: 1
edited October 2015 in Lincoln
I have a 1990 Lincoln Town-car 5.0 I installed a brand new power steering pump. Tried to bleed power steering pump and can't get 20 pounds of pressure with the hand pump. 100% sure the cap IS SEALED on pump. Tried turning steering wheel and got bubbles got BIG bubbles. But, fluid will still not go down. Fluid got up to the top of the reservoir and i took a turkey baster, took out more fluid. I want to ADD fluid not take out fluid. I heard stepping on the brake would help? I have no obvious power steering leaks, there has to be a way to push that fluid down or get air out of the system. Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated!

p.s. I get 12 pounds of pressure and need 20
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