Check engine light will not go off!

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04 with 180K, runs good.
Check engine light comes on - code P1078. Mechanic (longtime foreign car man and someone I trust) changes the part using honda part (Intake bypass valve) . Clears code, shuts car off. I start car, take it home, its fine. The next day start it up, Check engine light on again. Codes at P1077. Mechanic changes that (the little switch attached to that). Same thing happens, clears code, next time it starts it is fine, but if we shut off and restart, it codes P1077 again.

Mechanic changed a few other minor parts related. same thing. It is always fine the first shut off but the second creates the light issue again with the same P1077 code. He is using another part tomorrow in the event it is bad, but these are honda factory new parts.

I need to get emissions test. Any help out there on this.

Thanks in advance.


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