More Tahoe Electrical issues

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Anyone come across this problem on a 2001Tahoe? Hit a bump and the dash board shuts down. I try to duplicate it in my garage by wiggling wires and connections but can't. When it happens on the road, the speedometer, tach, fuel & temp gauges, odometer all shut down for split second then pop back on. The battery light comes on in the message center box. Oddly though, the volt meter and oil psi gauges don't seem to be affected. I've tapped on fuses, pulled and tugged and twisted every wire I can find under the dash and under the hood and can't make it happen. Any thoughts would be helpful.


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    Hello! Your vehicle has a couple of gauges that are powered by their own harness outlets, and the rest, the ones you are having trouble with all receive power from a printed circuit board, and are controlled by the BCM. I would look very closely for a wire block going to the BCM that might be lose, if not, pull the the instrument cluster and examine the printed circuit. The board is very thin and flimsy, be careful not to damage it. Look for broken plastic tabs that hold the printed circuit in place, or a lose bulb that may let the circuit move under extreme shock. Good luck and a great day!
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    Thanks for the info. I dread having to pull the dash apart as I've never done that before. Do you know of anyplace where there might be instructions as to how to do that?
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    I found a YouTube for my last minivan and that helped a lot when I had a stuck tach. But between all the parts, and easily broken plastic tabs and such (not to mention the air bag in your face that you hope you safely powered down), it's not something to rush.

    Wrong year, but here's one example.
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    Hello! Me again. Was unable to find an instructional specificity tailored to your need. But, I did find one about installing a new gauge face from US Speedo, it has all the specifics about how to pull the cluster and re-install it. And it is done by a professional installer. Hope it helps.
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    Thanks to all. I've pulled the cluster out and have it ready to ship to a company that will refurbish it.
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