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GMC 2500HD..Ford F250 Super Duty or Dodge 2500

schsrschsr Member Posts: 1
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I am looking to buy a 4 door 2001 or 2002 4x4 truck. I am undecided between the Sierra 2500HD Duramax, Ford F250 Super Duty or Dodge 2500. The truck will be used by both myself and my wife as a family car and sometimes to pull our 32 foot travel trailer. I have decided I want a Diesel motor. I like the look of the Ford F250 Super Duty, but have been hearing about some problems with the diesel motor. We live in California so snow and freezing temps are not a problem. I'd appeciate any input anyone can give me!!!!!!


  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    The Ford had most of its bugs worked out by the '01 model year and the Cummins seems to always be rock-solid. For those models years, the Duramax would be the one I'd stay away from. Wasn't it introduced in '01?

    Dodge, while it may have the best diesel, doesn't have a true full-size four door cab.
  • 26psiboost26psiboost Member Posts: 15
    I must say I'm partial to the Ford 7.3 PSD and now the 6.0 PSD because I'm on my 3rd since 1999, but the biggest reason I keep coming back to Ford is resale values. Chevy and Dodge can't sell their diesels at least in the South w/o 0% for 60 months most of the year. This destroys the resale of any vehicle that offers it.

    In my opinion Chevy and Dodge want a piece of Ford's pie so bad that is what they are willing to do to gain market share. This is fine if you need to finance a vehicle this long and if you don't plan on trading every 2.5 - 3 years like the average person does.

    Pick up an Auto Trader and compare Edmunds new vehicle prices to 1 and 2 year-old diesel trucks of all 3 manufacturers. Plus, Ford has about 2 million Powerstrokes on the road if that tells you anything about their following.

    I drive 50K a per year and trade my PSD's every 70-90K with great trade values. I X-Plan my new trucks so I know exactly what the trade is worth to them.

    The biggest thing I would be concerned of is hooking your trailer to a truck like you are considering buying and see which one pulls the best. I have a feeling with this kind of weight behind you will learn something very quick in your selection process.
  • jtt3jtt3 Member Posts: 20
    The GM in those years will have the towing capcity advantage by far. Ford in the new 2004 model has taken that advantage over.

       The diesel motors are all comparable and good but GM has an Allison tranny which is excellent. Ford tranny just par and Chrysler has never quite got the tranny problems solved
  • kg11kg11 Member Posts: 530
    I had the transmission replaced TWICE in my '01 2500 HD in the first year.I havn't had major problems with it in over 25k mi ,but it don't like towing with the A/C on hot days.In fact it don't like the heat at all.I'm planning to trade it for a Ford this spring.
  • jtt3jtt3 Member Posts: 20
    Maybe I should have said you have the option for the Allison.

      I beleive GM has one of their own trannys available also. Which I am not familiar with.
  • kg11kg11 Member Posts: 530
    Those are your choices. If you want the GM Duramax diesel get the manual trans.
  • jimlockeyjimlockey Member Posts: 265
    I have an 2000 Ford 350 single wheel 7.3 diesel and have had excellent luck with it. I'm pulling our fifth 5th wheel. If I had to choose today on replacing our truck it would be GMC/Chev 1st, Ford a very close 2nd, and Dodge 3rd. Why GMC/Chev over Ford? Answer, the allison auto transmission and GMC diesel has more of it's bugs corrected. What have I owned: Fords and Dodges. Why not Dodge? Weak auto transmission. If I did not pull most of the time then Dodge would be a much stronger consideration.

    A diesel truck would be my only choice. When Ford, DC, or GMC gets a decent size affordable diesel SUV, Station Wagon or sedan in a diesel I will get that too, but I'm sick and tired of some of the business practices of foreign automobile dealers.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,130
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  • oldharryoldharry Member Posts: 413
    Ask for service records. They are all excelent trucks, but any company can have a bad one. Drive them all, and tow your trailer if you can, then buy the one you like.

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