Cost of certifying used Ford Explorer

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I looked at a 2014 explorer limited with 64k miles. The dealer said "ford" doesn't certify over 60k. I then looked at a different explorer at a different ford dealer. This vehicle was a 2013 with 75k miles and was certified. This salesman told me its the dealers choice, not "ford" to certify a used vehicle so long as mileage is under 80k. So my question is if I go back to the first dealer with the explorer with 64knand ask them if they certify it then ill purchase...what is the cost to them? Or what woukd be my cost to have them certify it? Thank you.

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    Seems simple enough. Thanks!!
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    Buying a certified car essentially means you are buying an extended warranty. For factory certifications, the car must meet age and mileage requirements and the cars are (supposedly) inspected and you may get other perks, like free towing or loaner cars.

    There are a couple of gotchas to watch out for. Some dealers certify their own cars so you have to insist that you are only interested in the official Ford certification. And some dealers mark up the certifications (or extended warranties) a lot. There's a bunch of profit in these products as it is.

    Good luck!
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