Can a title owner's son sign the bill of sales?

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Hi everyone.
I'm about to purchase a car from a private owner but the title belongs to his father. The title is already signed by the father but the bill of sales isn't. He is not available because he is out of the country. Can the son sign his own signature on the bill of sales?
Will that cause any problems when I give it to the DMV to register the car? How should I approach this situation?

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    I guess the first question is do you need a bill of sale to register the car? Some states require 'em, some don't.
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    stever said:

    I guess the first question is do you need a bill of sale to register the car? Some states require 'em, some don't.

    I'm from NY so I think I'll need it as proof of ownership in addition to the title. Sorry, this is my first time purchasing a car so everything is still new to me.
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    Well, here's the official State of NY DMV web site page on buying a car from a private seller. I don't see a reference to a bill of sale being absolutely required but they talk about getting one from a private seller (looks like dealers have to provide one). There are other forms mentioned that you may need.

    The times I've called DMVs with questions like this, I've always gotten helpful answers.
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    I will probably call them but will be able to on Tuesday since they're closed tomorrow.

    On the website, it says that if I want to register the car, it says

    If you bought your vehicle through a private sale (not from a dealer), you may be able to complete your registration application online and print a barcoded form we can quickly process at the DMV.

    What do I need to bring to the DMV?

    Here's what you need to bring:

    a completed Vehicle Registration / Title Application (MV-82 or MV-82EZ)
    the bill of sale 4
    proof of ownership 5
    proof of New York State automobile liability insurance 6
    proof of identity (name) and age 7
    payment for fees, use taxes and sales tax, or proof of an exemption 8
    proof of incorporation (if you register for a business or organization)
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    Sounds like you're going to have to get your ducks in a row and have the seller mail some paperwork to you
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    Update: The owner will return next Sunday but the seller wants a deposit to hold it until that time in case we back out. Now that's another issue at hand... lol.

    Hypothetically, what would happen if the son signs the bill of sales and then I bring it to the DMV to get the car registered under my name. Can there be problems that arise after I get the registration? Since the title is signed already by the owner, I'm assuming that the vehicle belongs to me(?) Unless I'm wrong about that.
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    Thanks a lot stever! Your answer helped me a lot. :smile:
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