2015 RDX Seatbelt Issue

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Anyone has a similar issue with the RDX's seatbelts? As soon as I purchased my new 2015 RDX, I found the front seatbelts very loose. It feels like they do not lock properly. And when I turn around and the seatbelt will become loose, and it won't retract back to tighten again when I got back to the driving position. I have to constantly pull the seatbelt tight when driving (my front passenger says the same.)

Yesterday, I saw the recall for the same issue with the MDX and RLX (but not RDX), so I gave my car a test again (and it's still pretty warm outside.) I found an empty road, braked very hard to see if the seatbelt would lock. Sure enough, it didn't. Now I am worried if I ever got into a car accident, the driver and the front passenger would get thrown out of the vehicle.

I had my dealer looked into this problem when I first bought the car. They said it worked just the same as the other RDXs on the lot. That concerned me if most of the RDXs have this issue. I want to see anyone else has the same problem, perhaps we can all call Acura and demand them to recall the vehicle to fix the seatbelts, before anyone got hurt.


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    Best file a complaint with safercar.gov. If it's a common problem, they'd be the ones to make Acura address it.

    Any other owners notice this?
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