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From the Chicago Tribune...

This full size pickup has a "mega cab" that seats
five adults and short cargo box.It's a job-site
"workhorse" that serves as a "family" vehicle on
weekends. To eliminate the problem of getting into
or out of a full size truck when someone parks too
close and traditional swing doors won't fully open,
Terradynes's front door glides forward, it's rear
door glides rearward and a running board drops down
to give you a convenient step in or out. The cargo
bed is only 6 1/2 feet long, but press the release
handles and a 1 1/2 foot bed extension pulls out
like a dresser drawer. Cargo bed walls also contain
built-in storage boxes for tools or fishing gear.
Other noteworthy touches include a rear monitoring
video system to eliminate blind spots, power
outside mirrors that extend when needed for towing
a trialer and an on-board 5,000 watt generator with
110- and 220- volt outlets in the tailgate should
you need electricity at the worksite or campsite...

Seems like GM has put a lot of thought into the
truck..haven't seen pics yet...will be looking for

Any comments?


  • sovercash1sovercash1 Member Posts: 112
    I seen pictures in the Charlotte Observer sunday. this past sunday see if you can find it. That truck looks great. A real truck. steve
  • leathal02leathal02 Member Posts: 114
    Ive seen a pic of it, it looks awesome. with the sliding doors and the generator, it ought to be awesome!! the way it looked on the pic, it was wayy bigger than a super duty, dont know about the length, but it was tall
    i was at motor trend BB and it had a link to it
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    I have a thought. If you replace the sliding doors with conventional ones and tone down the styling a little (the front fender for instance) - are we looking at the 2001 GMC Pickup????
  • artpartp Member Posts: 156
    I'm not a fan of GM's reliability, but this new truck would make it too tempting. It's like a dream truck.
  • f220swiftf220swift Member Posts: 103
    Nice looking truck. I am very interested in buying a new Ford 4door but I will have to take a closer look at this truck. I think that the Ford's bed length is only 5.5 feet while the Terradyne is much longer. Could someone tell me if the Terradyne is overall a longer vehicle than the Chevy 1500 ext. cab or a Ford 150 ext. cab. It almost looks Suburban size.
  • artpartp Member Posts: 156
    I don't think the Terradyne will be available for several years, it's a concept vehicle. Sometimes concept vehicles are never produced. If and when available I'd bet it costs $40,000 or more.
  • artpartp Member Posts: 156
    From the site mentioned few posts ago I found this:

    "Remote electronic sources eliminate the need for a traditional radio."

    Anyone have a clue what this means?
  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    maybe they mean, since you have 110/220 electricity, you can have plug-in stereo systems (like indoors)? I don't know how much of a benefit that would be.
  • gtagta Member Posts: 7
    All GM needs to do is get the exterior styling of the terradyne combine it with the 8100 and make sure the split bench is offered(regular crewcab doors would be fine, and cheaper) and sell it as soon as possible and I guarantee it will be a big hit.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Truck trend states the terradyne will have the 6.6 Liter duramax diesel. This is gonna be one powerful truck and they are sticking to their motto this truck is for only 1% of the population.

  • sovercash1sovercash1 Member Posts: 112
    is real. That Truck kicks butt!!!! Duramax/Allison...Look at the size of those tires!! GMC I want one.... NOW!!!

  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    I'll take one if you can get it with the 8-foot bed. ?
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Has a 6.5 bed that extends to 8 ft
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    Go here:
    19 real-world pics
  • z71z71 Member Posts: 67
    I am a huge fan of GM and plan to own one of their products for the rest of my life, but in my opinion this thing is pretty hideous. Do you not think that it is a little too extreme? What exactly do you like about it? (I'm not being sarcastic, just curious if there is something that I am missing) Just wondering...
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Yeah, that is a good idea - but it needs to be a full size truck - still gotta have that bed space - otherwise it's a glorified quad.

    Terradyne - I hope they build it, and I think they just might - with regular doors and a little more toned down styling.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    You dont like the sliding doors? I think they are a nice change. Did u also see theres a compaq computer in there. Thats a lil to upscale. maxxcabb is small but sleek i think its a nice truck. They should make these concepts at a limit quantity at first let it go from there. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL SELL haha

  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    It has a definate masculine style that I don't think would appeal to the femmmes. Hope it makes production.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    But I don't think it will ever be built with them - that was what I was trying to say.

    As a Dodge guy I gotta say - Power Wagon.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    I tend to favor chevy a wee bit ok alot but at last yrs autoshow the power wagon was the truck to bad couldnt sit in it. They will build that if they are smart. Nice looking truck.

  • z71z71 Member Posts: 67
    are the pictures of this dodge maxxcab thing?
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    go to i think thats the site. Go to detroit autoshow on the left then look for the concept car pics. Not that hard

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    it works click under autoshows on detroit 2000 then u get a screen and click on dodge maxxcabb. They have a bunch of other pics too

  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    I thought you might be interested in reading this web page:
  • rrichfrrichf Member Posts: 211
    I haven't seen it mentioned but the bed extends to (I guess) a full eight feet. I saw the thing at the NAIAS and was, for lack of other words, underwhelmed. I wouldn't say ugly, just not attractive. Maybe the design will grow on you. Sorry it didn't excite me.

    The Ford thing, I can't remember the name, was just another Hummer look alike. Nice golden paint job though.

    Now there was a '57 Chevy, fully restored, red convertible at the show. I would really like to meet the guy that painted that car! My brother in law and I looked at the car for 20 minutes looking for flaws and runs. Superb craftsmanship!

  • jerobbinsjerobbins Member Posts: 48
    I don't like the height of the bed. That's one of the reasons I didn't buy a Ford - the bed was just too damn tall. When I'm putting a heavy load into (or out of) the truck I want to have to lift it as little as possible.

    One of the benefits of the new Silverado/Sierra is that they have lowered the bed without lowering the ground clearance. The Terradyne looks like it's jacked up even more than the Ford Super Duty!

    Of course, since they are using the space above the tire to store stuff, they have to make sure they have enough clearance between the top of the tire and the bottom of the wheel-well. I'd rather have a smaller side storage area and lower the bed some.
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