Vents not blowing air

pbricciopbriccio Member Posts: 2
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My vents aren't blowing any air while idling, when I drive I feel either the heat or the AC but very faintly regardless of how much the fan speed is turned up. I removed the cabin air filters, and while they need to be replaced for sure the vents still weren't blowing any air with the air filters removed. Does anyone know what this could be?


  • joejoesonjoejoeson Member Posts: 44
    Well I was first going to suggest the cabin air filter, so good call on checking that. My next guess would be the blend door vent, so cycle the temperature gauge between hot and cold and listen for a sound, it might be stuck. However, if neither hot nor AC is working, this might not be the problem. If your fans sound like they are working, then you must just have some debris blocking the way. Open your hood and clean out any leaves that are stuck around your hood vents.
  • pbricciopbriccio Member Posts: 2
    ok, I'll try these when I get home today. Thanks!
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