Hyundai Equus Insufficient A/C Problems

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Hi, I just wanted to share my experiences that I've had with Hyundai.

I have encountered several issues with my Equus, both with the 2011 and the 2014 models. With the 2011, it was serviced a multitude of times, concluding with the installment of a new compressor, however, the cooling (or lack thereof) issue still remained. When that lease ended, I was assured that the A/C issues with the Equus had been rectified. In good faith, I leased a new 2014 Equus, and much to my dismay, the A/C issues were NOT resolved! So, here I am, AGAIN, in the same exact predicament!

Hyundai insists on continuing to deny this problem exists and continues to market inferior products. Any consumer can read the blogs on the internet and clearly see that there is a definite A/C problem with the Hyundai models, including the Equus! Hyundai is lessening their credibility in continuing to deny this issue exists!

Hyundai needs to step up to the plate and stop denying that they do not have an A/C problem with this vehicle. They MUST do the right thing. Otherwise, their reputation will be at stake. Recurring customers like me will no longer return, and unfortunately for Hyundai, we will tell others about the poor service and callous treatment we received and of our negative experience.

Video for proof of my experiences


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    I bought this accident-free 40,000-mile car 9 months ago, relying on my research and the good reviews. However, it appears that the Hyundai Equus model has yet to master the finesse that is required in high-end vehicles. Now at 48000 miles, the leather covering of the dashboard has lifted from its base (see pics). I took it to Rick Case Hyundai service department (and to many other experts in the upholstering business) and was told that the leather covering of the dashboard has shrunk and may continue to shrink further (see attached pictures). The dealer claims that several similar issues had come up and if this car is over 5 years old, it is no longer under warranty and may be fixed at a cost of $4,500.00. The high cost is due to the front windshield and the dashboard that must be removed. I was also advised that the Equus and the now G90 models are warranted for 10 years or 100,000 miles for power train (engine, transmission, and differential) only. The electronics or any other component is warranted for 5 years or 60,000 miles. In addition to the above issue, when cruising (with cruise control activated) on the expressway at 75MPH, the car would suddenly shut off, slowing down considerably, and would self-power-up a few seconds later. At other times, the brakes would self apply when passing or being passed by vehicles on the adjacent lanes almost causing me to be rear-ended at high speed. I was advised that one of the taillights showed condensation inside of it, a fissure on the taillight assembly that allowed water to get in thereby shorting the entire electronics. Dealer cost for the repair, $1,800.00. I called Hyundai and was flatly told that it was my problem to have it fixed, not theirs as the car, just recently being over 5 years, was out of warranty. I ended up fixing the tail light at a cost of $1350.00. I still have the tail light assembly, it had about one-half gallon of water inside, however, the technician was baffled as to how the water was able to get inside of it as the unit appeared well-sealed, without any cracks and unbroken. Although the vehicle is a performer, it appears that Hyundai is lacking in the area of quality control that is required in high-end vehicles. The above-mentioned issues, if not properly addressed by the vehicle manufacturer, will eventually result in fatalities. Also, small and annoying defects in these vehicles are proven to be super expensive to repair. Hyundai/Kia is going to have to do a lot of work to regain my loyalty. Hello BMW, CADILLAC and MERCEDES...
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