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Popping/cracking noise?

esanchez2012esanchez2012 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2015 in Mitsubishi
Wondering if anyone out there knows what my problem is.... When driving my car for a few miles it starts making a popping or cracking noise under the hood.. Kind of sounds like metal popping. After I turn the car off and get out I can still hear it. Any help appreciated! Thanks!


  • 93tracker5spd93tracker5spd North East Ohio USAMember Posts: 194
    Hello! It is most likely the thin aluminium heat shielding on the exhaust manifold, it heats with the engine and expands, and as the engine heats and cools it expands and contracts making that thin metal popping noise. Sometimes if you remove it and paint it on both sides with high heat exhaust paint, then re-install this will eliminate the noise. And sometimes it is just loose and needs tightened. These also tend to burn through around the studs they are mounted on, if this is the case, use some larger washers on both sides to secure it into place. Good luck!
  • esanchez2012esanchez2012 Member Posts: 2
    Awesome! Thanks for the advice!
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