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Mazda B Series



  • Hi Malt,

    I got my DS less then two weeks ago, I too like this truck.

    I also have the Wilderness AT tires and have already contacted Mazda about their replacement plans, I was told that we would be recieveing letters soon and that they too were going to get the older tires off the road first. From the imformation I have found the tires seem to be ok on the B series and Ranger pickups and the recall is more precautionary. It may be awhile before we get new rubber.

    see ya, Mike
  • dsdrvr01dsdrvr01 Posts: 10
    Got the B3000 in early April, already have 4300 miles on it and having no problems. Just as solid as the day I drove it off the lot. And yes it has already seen it's share of the dirt. Only thing you might have a slight complaint with is the HP. Comfortable on the long freeway drive and decent dirt off-road capability.

    Now we just get to wait to replace our tires. I wouldn't worry to much the explorers have been having roll over (tire problems?) since 92 to my direct knowledge. If ranger models had been having the same problems on the firestones it would have come out as well by now.

    Enjoy the truck.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It seems like the power just drops off at highway speeds. I took my son out riding and with our bikes and a few things, the truck was really struggling up some mild grades. I'll wait a few more miles before I pass final judgment.

    Also, I noticed that the factory gas sees much better mileage than the lousy evirowacko re-formulated gas.

  • dsdrvr01dsdrvr01 Posts: 10
    I find being over that is the key to maintaining speed or acellerating on grades. I also noticed an increase in performance around 2500 miles. The truck seems to do better on 76 gas mid grade than any of the others.

    Of course 3200 RPM in 4th gear is exceeding the speed limit and if you want to maintain the speed limit in 3rd you are closer to 4000 RPM. I speed so not a big factor for me. I make the Sacramento to Tahoe run maintaining 65-80 depending on corners without problem.

    As for mileage my B3000 did terrible till around 1500 miles then I started pegging the EPA ratings. A combination of me getting used to the motor performance and break-in I suspect.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    In CA do we have a speed limit? I find tht the limit is reached when there are cars in front of you.

    Thanks for the info.

  • dsdrvr01dsdrvr01 Posts: 10
    Not officially the legal speed limit but the one applied by most drivers.
  • Hi Malt and dsdrvr01,

    I haven't noticed a problem with horsepower, but I am moving from a 89 Honda Accord coupe with the tiny four cylinder to my first truck, I also live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland whick is flat as a pancake. Power seems fine for the type of driving I do.

    On my last fill-up I averaged 20.5 mpg, which I thought was great considering I have only 800 mile on my truck and the highway average is stated at 21 mpg.

    I too am gonna wait awhile before replacing the tires...get some free miles out of them.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Filled up this morning and calculated my mileage at 19.9MPG so I guess I'm not doing too bad. The truck now has ~400 miles after a 200 mile trip to go riding this weekend. So with about 15-20 miles off road and the rest highway at about 75mph, I'm pretty pleased at that number.

    The truck is nice looking and a real pleasure to drive. For 14 and change, this was a great purchase.

  • I have a 2000 B-3000 ext cab. I am having a problem with the engine pinging a lot. The dealer says " just rev it higher", but some times it is so bad that you can't.
    Does anyone have any good info I can take with me to the dealer that might convince them to fix it.. Thanks: TERRY
  • lisbeylisbey Posts: 21
    Rolled over 3000 last weekend and still pleased. Averaging around 19 mpg. Still a big slide from my last car at 30. What's the deal with the tires? I haven't heard an "official" recall for the new ones. From what I heard here in Detroit, the tires were a problem in warmer climates. I heard about recalls in Central and South American countries. I seemed to have become speckled with paint from road lines. Rubbing compound took most of it out but there is still some left. Any ideas to get it off?

    Terry, is it a pinging or a knocking/tapping sound? I get a noise during acceleration between 3rd and 4th. I have it on pretty good authority that my problem could be the timing chain. Just an idea.

    Take care everybody and ZOOM ZOOM!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Have your dealer look at service bulletin # 01-017/00. It specifically applies to B3000s built before 2/21/00. Good Luck.

  • cpd1cpd1 Posts: 1
    I have been looking at a 1995 Mazda B2300 pickup, 4 cylinder / manual with 98K on the odometer. The truck looks great and is mechanically sound. The problem is that I don't know anything about this model. Can anyone tell me if this is a good truck and would you spend $4995 for a used truck with this many miles. All I want it for is for short trips to Home Depot! Thanks.
  • lisbeylisbey Posts: 21
    Five grand sounds like a lot for running to Home Depot. However, Kelly Blue book retails it for $4925 in the Detroit area. That was the short bed, 2WD with no options. Go back and read the postings around #370 or so. There is some discussion of the older trucks and 2.3 vs. 2.5 and when the change was from an actual Mazda engine to the Ford engine. Good luck!
  • ed15ed15 Posts: 7
    Trying to replace the worst tires I have ever owned - the blasted FireStore AT - I have already replaced 2 that went early with leaks - no holes only cracks, bad, bad traction too. Called my dealer, and I was told to bring truck in, then i was called back 4 hours later and told they were no tires available for MAZDA OWNERS,and that FORD COMES FIRST and they would be getting tires so we must go fend for ourselves - I mean nothing for MONTHS they said! Thanks Mazda service for wasting yet another day of my time, and putting $ in front of my safety!

    I am not pleased - I almost think it is a scam to make people front the money and time and work to get it done. They are claiming they can't find any replacements. C'mon be serious! Don't you think a dealership could get a car part faster than an individual??

    To people think of buying mazda Bseries over ford - think twice - ford owes mazda and apparently they come first. I wish I bought a toyota - I have had b4000 3 years, Service sucks, problems with the DOOR SWITCH AND DRIVE SHAFT ABOUND!
  • lisbeylisbey Posts: 21
    I have yet to hear of an official recall of the Wilderness ATs. Is there one? When I do catch a story on the news, it's always the Explorer that's talked about. Firestone is trying to blame the tire problem on the Explorer design and Ford's recommended tire pressure. Ed, are you saying there are no tires for your truck from any manufacturer? Had a truck several years ago that came with Yokohama Super Diggers. They were great tires. I will replace with those if necessary.
  • ed15ed15 Posts: 7

    "As a precautionary measure and to ensure the safety of our customers, Ford Motor Company is recalling all 15", 16" and 17" Firestone Wilderness AT tires on our vehicles. This decision affects models from Ford, Mercury and Mazda."

    I guess we can't trust a word Ford Motors says, aye?

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    With 13 million tires to replace, you can be sure that it will take a while before everyone gets their set. I have ATs on my truck, but based on the stats, I'm not worried in the least bit. Mazda should be sending info on this soon, per their hotline. Besides, I'm going to wait until I use a few more miles before I start looking for my set.

    Also, from everything I have read, this is a Customer Satisfaction Campaign, not a recall. Therefore, none of it is mandatory, so don't look the gift horse in the mouth.

  • ed15ed15 Posts: 7

    "As a precautionary measure and to ensure the safety of our customers, Ford Motor Company is recalling all 15", 16" and 17" Firestone Wilderness AT tires on our vehicles. This decision affects models from Ford, Mercury and Mazda."

    I guess we can't trust a word Ford Motors says, aye?

  • ed15ed15 Posts: 7
    Ok, maltb - You relax too, when your truck starts rolling for no apparent reason.. i suggest you keep an eye on the air pressure and watch for those cracks developing, it's especially bad in hot weather.

    "don't look the gift horse?" what? I wish I nver heard of this damn 'customer satisfaction campaing' did nothing but waste more of my time which mazda service seems to have made an art.. My final decision: It ain't worth the wait (or my life or someone elses) I will go find bf goodrichs or goodyear and pay for myself to replace last 2 ATs on the truck. I think I was stupid for not replacing them all over a year ago (with only about 18k - carefully maintained and rotated).

    *By the way if you want to have mazda replace they make the decision on which tires to put on, and if you do go get them on your own (which they want you to do so they don't have to pay for the labor) you have to bring your old ones back and show them your new ones.. none of which was explained until you read the fine print on any of the various remimbursement forms I have seen.

    In my opinion the Mazda service can't put up what ford motor companies PR compaign suggests which is the statement above.

    Matlb - I have had this truck and Mazda service for 3 years now - how long have you had yours? Maybe you will get better service because of cranky bastards like me..
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I tend to be more on Firestone's side than Ford's. I really don't feel there is a problem with my tires due solely to the fact that Ford put out a massive campaign to save face. IMO, the Explorer has problems and Ford is trying to protect it's name by shifting blame to the rubber that carries the name of another company. I don't doubt that certain tires had their issues, but vehicles aren't supposed to roll when the tire blows out. Stats on everything but the Explorer show that you too can safely bring your vehicle to a stop on it's tires.

    Have you had a problem with your ATs?
  • ed15ed15 Posts: 7
    Two of my original AT tires needed to be replaced, almost caused accident - lost pressure through cracks in tire - small cracks - brought them in to be examined by independent dealer - he was a pro in tires and pointed about how these cracks developed and said they could not be repaired - and that it was defective poor grade rubber that did not hold up causing:
    (1) loss of pressure
    (2) then if you keep driving at about 10psi or so like mine got down to, they will get extremely hot from all the slop and eventually out comes the radial.
  • I went back and looked at all of the old messages and noticed some of the comments about the 2500 having knocking noises. My truck knocks very badly on regular (87 octane) especially at cruising speeds. I started using 89 and 93 octane and it has helped silent the problem. Has anyone got a idea why this happens?
    Also I am trying to find some fender flares for my Mazda and I have looked everywhere in magazines (JC whitney,etc) and on the internet. Anyone know where i can locate some? I have 17000 miles so far and NO problems to speak of. The truck could use a bit more power, however I average 24-26 MPG at every stop since about 10000 miles and this is with a extended cab truck! I love my mazda, even though i wish i bought black instead of red. One other thing, my paint has messed up some with little "acid rain" outlines in it. I had it buffed but it still has the same problem. Anyone else seeing this? Bye for now, thanks guys!
  • bostontimbostontim Posts: 3
    Picked up my new red B3000 DS ON 6/26. I love this truck, have filled up twice and got 18.5mpg and 20mpg. Hope to add a bug deflector, tonneau cover and side-steps. Any advice on manufactures to use and prices. Thanks
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I would check with the folks at Roger Beasley Mazda in Austin, TX:

    You can get the OEM stuff cheaper than most dealers will sell it although Mazda's tonneau covers are pricey to start with.

  • lisbeylisbey Posts: 21
    I found a place called AutoAmeriStar in my area. A tonneau is $229 installed and black tube steps are $289 installed--the dealer wanted over $400 for the tubes. Are these decent prices? I didn't think it was too bad. Haven't got them yet as I'm still saving my pennies. I'm putting all my extra in the gas tank. Still averaging 18-19 mpg--combination city and highway driving.

    You are all getting a bit snippy about these tires. Cool off guys!
  • Has anyone purchased a cap for their 2001 b-series pickup....I'm looking into buying one and was looking for recommendations....thanks
  • mtl3mtl3 Posts: 22
    I have a '97 B4000 with about 28K miles on it.

    At about 13,000 miles I noticed the front tires were cupped. Went down, had the front tires moved to the back, got an alignment(way out)and went on.

    At 27,000, front tires are once again goobered up and at hwy speeds, it's shaking like a dog passing a peach pit.

    Went down, bought new tires, had another alignment(again, way out) and went on. Asked the shop to look the suspension over for any damage or malfunction, bent rims and the like. None was found. After this I noticed immediately that the shaking was less, but still noticeable. Went back, they did another alignment and it felt much better.

    Now, I've got about a thousand miles on the new tires and I'm starting to notice that the steering wheel is shaking slightly.

    My questions are: Has any one else had this recurring problem with alignment? If so, did you find something wrong and how did you get it fixed.

  • bostontimbostontim Posts: 3
    I intend to but on bed rail caps before a tonneau cover, is this a problem or can both be installed together. Also purchased the bugflector 2 and will install tomorrow anyone got experience with this brand
  • mltmmtmltmmt Posts: 2
    I live in Virginia Beach and my name is now on a waiting list to have my tires replaced at the Mazda dealership. They are planning to replace them, only problem is that supplies of tires are a little thin at the moment. If they are telling you no I would try to contact another source. I have a 1999 B3000 Troy Lee Edition, it has 25000 miles on it and I am extremely happy with it. I don't think I could have found a better all around truck.
  • I have a '98 B2500, and the rear is sagging when under load.
    Have been looking in catalogs, but finding zero in the way of helper springs and / or blocks.
    Ford products don't cover this year either.
    Any one else run into this? I am thinking of ordering a set of 1"blocks that are pretty much universal.
    Any ideas would be welcome!
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