Throttle Position Sensor and hard shifting

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Have a 2002 Mercury Villager, 160,000 miles. CEL is on, codes are P0120 and P1705. According to Haynes manual, P0120 is Throttle Position Sensor and/or circuit fault. P1705 is Throttle position sensor to A/T signal fault. Replaced the TPS and adjusted it properly, cleared the codes, and after driving a short while, got the same error codes. One of the symptoms is hard shifting (causes van to jerk). Doesn't happen so much when engine is cold, but happens when engine is warmed up.
Transaxle filter and fluid have been changed in the past year and fluid level is correct. The problem started on the way home from spending a week in a hilly area, where if felt like I was really taxing the transmission. Maybe just a coincidence but thought I'd mention it.
Any suggestions on what to check or replace?
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