318i Power Windows

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I have a 1993 318i 4DR and I have a power window after putting down It wont go back up. I check the fuse and still looks ok. I didnt have any power from all of my windows and even the Sunroof does not work. Any suggestions where else should I check and how to troubleshoot.



  • desi501desi501 Member Posts: 66
    You'll have to start at the switches and see if they are sending power and ground when requested. You may need a schematic after that.
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    Mykelp, not sure what you're describing. Are all the windows and the sunroof not operating or just one of them? If all are not operating, power feed for windows and sunroof is from the unloader relay K5 (hot with ignition key On) through fuse #17 in the power distribution box.
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    No. It means you check with a test light whether there's power into and out of fuse 17. If no power in, check the unloader relay K5, which supplies the feed to fuse 17. If power in but not out, the fuse is blown. If power in AND out, there's a wiring problem downstream.
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