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2000 Silverado four door

bemzinhobemzinho Member Posts: 1
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Has anyone found out how much the fourth door
option will be on the 2000 Silverado?
The dealer tells me that they will not start
production until November and that don't expect
delivery until the first of the year. He won't
tell me how much the optional fourth door will cost
either. :{


  • jjones673jjones673 Member Posts: 28
    consumer reports price service. I priced out 2000 Silverado and Sierra, and no one in NM has any new ones on the lot. One dealer told me it would be March before factory ships any out; another dealer told me sometime in Nov. I'm probably going to go with the F-250 Superduty anyway
  • werkingwerking Member Posts: 431
    here on edmonds, or on kelly blue book, or at my favorite, carwizards: i believe the fourth door is $288 invoice, however, starting at some point in the y2k model year, the fourth door will become standard. according to things i've read/heard (on here and from more than one dealer) the fourth door will be difficult to get until they sell most/all of the 3-doors they have already built. best i can tell ya is wait till about december or january. unless you're lucky enough to find a dealer who will give you one of their allocations for a fourth door (GOOD LUCK!), you're not even going to be able to order one till the new year.
  • pkooistrapkooistra Member Posts: 12
    I visited a dealer in Corona, CA last weekend and they told me they have 16 allocations for the 4rth door models with expected delivery dates in December. The catch, they are asking MSRP for all 16 even if you order, partly because the demand is high and they have a LOT of 3dr models on their lot they are needing to sell. They were more than willing to deal on the 3dr trucks they have in their inventory, they were talking $750 over invoice but with a little work they could accept $500 over. End of the month is a great time to go as they were needing to sell. I think I will wait till end of December and see how things look then. As long as the demand dwindles the prices will go down as well.

  • fishman349fishman349 Member Posts: 6
    I talked to somebody at the Chevy Customer Service number today who was kind enough to admit that the four door trucks are not yet in production. I was forced into changing my order to four doors, supposedly because the Chevy braintrust decided that only the four door trucks (which I really don't want) get the ZX3 suspension(which I do want). Go figure.
  • graczgracz Member Posts: 21
    I was told by my dealer here in Houston that the
    4 door production has been put off until Dec. some
    time. He said he is unable to get allocation until
    the production schedule is resolved. Does anyone have any concrete information to this regard? Does anyone have a build date? I can wait, I just
    don't want to be jacked around by the dealer, give
    me the truth and I can live with it!

    Let me know the true story,

    Thanks, Greg
  • tganleytganley Member Posts: 15
    The dealer probably doesn't know the truth because GM doesn't tell him.

    My dealer told me that for other manufactures he will smooze the customer because he has confidence that what they tell him is reasonably accurate.
    But with GM the answer to any customers question is "I really don't know", because GM has misrepresented their intentions to him so many times he doesn't trust anything they say.

    I've gotten similar sentiments from other dealers involved in GM truck sales, both chevy and GMC.
  • kenn7kenn7 Member Posts: 13
    Ain't that the truth. I've been waiting 13 weeks for delivery of my 1500 after the dealer promised 6. I've called the everyone from the dealer to the customer service #'s and know body knows anything. They have the order # in the computer but they claim it hasen't been sheduled in the factory yet. Nobody at the factory will explain the delay.
  • obiggsobiggs Member Posts: 33
    At, there is info that gm will not
    start production till Jan, Check posts from Kris,he
    works at a gm plant that builds them.
  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    two GMC dealers, looking to test drive a 3/4-ton. Niether had any. Both said construction would not start until January. Both said no allocations for 3/4-ton 4-doors would be available until March. Basically wouldn't be able to get one until next May or June. I don't see myself waiting that long. Unbelievably stupid of GM. Pushing customers to Ford and Dodge.
  • mannwimannwi Member Posts: 29
    Fisherman, your story of GM getting you to order a 4th door to get ZX3 is different than mine. I ordered a 4 door,ZX3,2wd,1500LS,3.73,5.3,,,,,now my dealer is saying that it will build if I change to a 3 door,,,,and that they have a ZX3 3 door scheduled to be built for another customer in late November. The posts on seem pretty solid that the 4door will not build until January, and maybe not then. I'm not sure what to do, but the story you got seems pretty inconsistent with most info.

    Good Luck, and enjoy the truck when you get whatever you get.
  • z71josez71jose Member Posts: 22
    According to the News Section of, 4 door production will
    not start until January. According to the article,
    they have some minor design problems with the
    4th door. Read it for yourself for more info.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Had a message on my answering machine from my
    Chevy Dealer. When I returned his call he said "I
    thought I had some good news for you but its went
    sour". It seems they got allocations today for 4
    door 3/4 tons. But within 15 minutes they got a
    call that that was an error and those 3/4 tons
    would be 3 doors. ALSO all 1/2 ton 4 door orders
    are being changed to 3 doors. I asked if customers
    would be notified. I said your going to have a
    bunch of pissed off folks if they show up to get
    their 4 door and see its a 3 door. He agreed.
    ...... Rich
  • wildthang4uwildthang4u Member Posts: 1
    my searches and eventual purchase had the 4th door at $330. I ordered my 1500 LT 4-door SB 2WD on 11/15 and have been told I should have around end of December but after reading out here I guess I'm being duped? And what about this vibration thing? and the window gaskets? Don't get me wrong I love my Chevy's and that's what I'll have but I have wanted this truck for 10 yrs and I want it to be right!!
  • obiggsobiggs Member Posts: 33
    10 YRS!!!! I thought I was the longest, to wait
    for a 4 door truck, just 2 years of shopping for me.
  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    Those last two posts are the way I feel, don't settle. Make 'em give you the product you want. GM should eat a stagnent inventory of 3-doors for not making it right the first time. Unfortunately, too many people aren't patient. Now bring on the "I can't believe you base your decision on the number of doors" comments.
  • afs11afs11 Member Posts: 86
    I agree with Greg, 110%. I ordered a 4-dr X/C but was really pushed hard to get a 3-dr one. The dealership realized their BIG mistake when I walked out the door. Lets just say that they saw things my way after that!

    General Motors should be forced to buy back every 3-dr X/C & replace them with 4-dr ones. After going on about how much time & consideration was spent on the new Sierra/Silverado, GM sure dropped the ball - BIG TIME.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Member Posts: 412
    Wards has an entry dated 11/19 claiming the 4 door is being held up for two reasons. 1. problems installing the robot welder for the forth door and 2. The door has problems that a minor accident causes them to jam. It may require design of new latches etc. .... Rich
  • HawgHawlerHawgHawler Member Posts: 1
    I also have been waiting too long for this 4 door chevy. I agree with all other responses stating that Chevy screwed themselves on this one. Anyone considering the 3dr because of a "deal" consider what it's going to be like a few years down the road when you try to sell a 3dr and EVERYONE wants a 4dr, and that's ALL they will be making by then. Don't get caught with a 3dr dinosaur. Greg.
  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    To all you disgruntled prospective GM customers in waitng. Here is an address you can send your complaints to since the dealers can't help & GM's Customer Service Center can't help so write & mail your complaint to this guy, tell him I sent you to him.

    Ronald L. Zarrella
    President, GM North America
    General Motors Corp.
    100 Renaissance Ctr. Tower 300
    Detroit, Michigan 48265

    After waiting 13 weeks for my order to be placed I still do not have an allotment # nor an order # to track. I placed my order 8/30/99 for a Silverado 2500 2wd Ext. Cab short box with all the options I wanted. Turns out that the locking differential, 3.73 rear axle & trailer pkg.(3 of the 10 options I wanted) are all on production delay with no insight as to when the'll be available. See post # 15 on this topic for production delay info. I don't particuarly care for the four door model but as of 12/31 there will be no more 3 doors manufactured. The four door will be standard (as it should have been like Dodge & Ford) come 1/1/00. I figure by the time I finally get an allotment/order # it will be for the four door anyway therefore increasing the cost once again for a truck I can't seem to purchase.
    The price increase for the four door should be around $289 invoice & 3 something MSRP. We'll see!

    Good Luck & don't forget to send out your complaint to the president it'll be worth the 33 cent stamp, kick, scream & holler let him know your not happy with how GM treats it's potential customers, they lure you in but can't give you the product.

    Ray Tetrault, Jr.
    Poughkeepsie, New York
  • afs11afs11 Member Posts: 86
    I spoke to GM Canada on 12/08/99 & told that my truck ('00 Silverado LT 4WD X/C 4dr) was to be built within 7 to 10 days???

    I am to call next week & find out about my order. My gut feeling is that it won't be built until the new year.

  • drgroszdrgrosz Member Posts: 6
    For my order which was placed 9/22/99, I have a build week of 1/3/2000. My order is a ex-cab, 4dr, short box, 2wd 4.8 Silverado with miscellaneous equip. Waiting to see if this really happens. Dealer says I will be the first in my area to get one. Dont know if thats good or bad but I'm very much looking forward to getting it.

  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    Spoke with editor of yesterday regarding an update to manufacturers production delays/holds since last posting was in November.
    She said new listing should be out by latter part of December.
    This will give all of us, that have been promised many things by dealers, the latest on truck orders that we in turn can update the dealers on since many are clueless!!!!!!! Only because GM does'nt tell them right?
    I am supposed to find out more regarding my truck order latter today by owner of dealership .....will keep all posted.

    Ray Tetrault
    Poughkeepsie, New York
  • dan33dan33 Member Posts: 13
    My dealer called last week and gave me my order number (I placed the order in Oct.) and said the TPW for my 1500 4x4 x/c 4 door 4.8 5-speed was 12/20/99. I took this with a grain of salt but started hoping I might see the truck in January. Called the 1 800 chevy factory number today and gave them my order number and they said my truck was being built this week. Any chance any of this is true? Has anyone else been receiving signs that the long wait may be over?
  • al2al2 Member Posts: 73
    Do you really want a truck to be built around the Christmas holidays? You've probably heard of the old saying "never buy a vehicle built on a Monday". Well, Christmas can also mean substitute workers on the line and others daydreaming of a white Christmas rather than concentrating on building your dream truck right, etc.
    Also, every day that goes by the engineers may finally solve some of the quality problems that, after a year and a half, still seem to be all too frequent. (I presume GM has somebody working on the vibe issue and others).
    When I bought my truck I asked that the order NOT be placed until mid-December. It is now on the order list and I will be patient now for a number of weeks while hoping that the end result is a well-built truck.
    Aren't we all suckers? Spend $30+ grand and hope the truck won't fall apart TOO soon!
    Sorry, people, just me and my soapbox again.
  • afs11afs11 Member Posts: 86

    Excellent point, I agree with you 110%. My order will now not be built until late Jan. or Feb. of 2000. I will just wait until it shows up! I have given up on it.

  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    See topic #816 my post #127 for info.

    Ray T
  • cobra4cobra4 Member Posts: 6
    Can anyone tell me where I might find info on when Chevy will be producing a Silverado crew cab? Local dealer said they should have them by mid-January- wonder if he was talking (uninformed as usual) about the 4 door extended cabs. Help please!
  • afs11afs11 Member Posts: 86
    I think that the 2001 Chevy will have a Crew Cab model. This is the Heavy Duty version. I don't know if Chevy will come out with one like the F-150 Crew Cab?
  • z71josez71jose Member Posts: 22
    Back in April I was in a focus group that had
    a 1/2 ton Silverado crew-cab on display. I'm
    sure it was a prototype,or a "mule", but it
    looked production ready to me. I'm surprise
    they're not coming out the same time the F-150
    SuperCrew is. I haven't seen any media info
    on it. But I know it's coming, since I saw them
    in person back in April 1999.
  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208

    December update now posted for all vehicle manufacturers.

    Ray T.

    Merry Christmas to All !
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    I bought a 2000 Silverado 2DR reg cab long bed around Thanksgiving. When I asked about the 4DR, all of the dealers in Arizona I talked to had the same story - the body flexes and the doors won't close - Silverado does have the widest extended cab opening in its class. I know the 4DR will have the best resale value, but GM may be doing the right thing by not bringing a defective product to market. One salesman told me he had a neighbor with a Toyota 4DR which has the same problem (sales hype?). I decided to buy my base truck and trade it in on a 4DR if and when GM works out the bugs.
    Just my opinion, but...
    I have an old 73 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup (454/400) I really use as a pickup - just hauled 4 loads of old roofing off the neighbor's house to the dump. A new truck is too nice to actually use as a truck. Most people stay away from me when I am driving the old 73, until they have a need for a real beater - then I become amazingly popular.
    I have the same view of 4WD. I wouldn't drive a $30K new vehicle through the mud and backwoods - they only do that on television. I would buy a 4WD beater and make sure it was mechanically sound
    - and ugly.
    If you have to haul kids and need 4 doors, a minivan or SUV works best. If you have to haul kids and cargo at the same time?????
  • denn777denn777 Member Posts: 52
    My dealer told me they won't even be receiving their first 4 door for about a month. I thought I saw a post out there for someone who had received one. Has anyone seen any on the dealer lot's, or anywhere else? 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive?
  • hopper1hopper1 Member Posts: 25
    Last week I was on my way to work and saw a semi FULL of Chevy 1500 LT,4x4,4 door,extended cabs. Saw them in the Quad Cities (located on the IA/IL border of Mississippi River. I was told by GM using 800 #, with my order #, my LT, 4x4, extended cab, 4door is being built week of Jan 10th. Will see!!!!!
  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    out there, have seen many here in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. area.

    Ray T.
  • dubeldubel Member Posts: 5
    Since there are no 4-door Chevy Silverados on the lots in my area, does anyone know if the headlight switch located in the dashboard been redesigned to allow the headlights to be turned off manually while the engine is still running or is it the same old idiotic design as before?
  • pierce5pierce5 Member Posts: 9
    Yes it has been redesigned. On my 4dr Sierra you can turn off auto headlights with engine running. So far 245 miles with ZERO complaints.
  • werkingwerking Member Posts: 431
    music to my ears. greg stancill called today to let me know that my truck arrived at the dealership today. order to delivery: 24 nov. to 21 jan; (dealer prep and waiting on the state of south carolina will have it delivered friday or saturday); 58 days. time from 4 door production beginning to delivery: 33 days. i'll keep everyone posted on how the four doors work out...
  • drgroszdrgrosz Member Posts: 6
    on my 2k silverado. Mileage is around 15mpg in town and varies on highway, 19.25 being the high so far. The only thing I found is the posi track rear end seems to clunk when it engages.

    We had some ice the other day and it engaged a number of times. Checked with one of the mechanics at my dealer who indicated its common with no correction at this time.

    If I find anything more I'll post it. If anyone has any info on this I would appreciate the info.

  • sartisarti Member Posts: 16
    I ordered my 4dr 1500 ls z71 on 01/12/00, what are my chances of seeing this truck before the end of February so I can get my GM loyalty rebate?
    Also can you use the $500 loyalty rebate and the $500 rebate coupon you get with your Gm employee discount? I wasn't in a hurry to get my truck until I got these rebate coupons. Now I'm hopeing for delivery before 2/29 (I can dream can't I)
  • number1number1 Member Posts: 71
    From what I have read I would say a 50/50 chance.
  • number1number1 Member Posts: 71
    I was basing my opinion on the fact that this is a 1500 LS 2WD which are currently being produced. I assumed that the build date would beby the end of the month, then you have that 50/50 chance.
  • paynerpayner Member Posts: 31
    I ordered a Chevy 1500 4X4 Ext Cab with the 4th
    door I have until Fri. to change my order and I am
    trying to decide if it is worth getting the 5.3L
    motor or should I stay with the 4.8L?
    I have heard that the 5.3 is getting better
    mileage, has anyone found that to be true?
    Oh and how are the factory tonneau covers?
  • nasvikingnasviking Member Posts: 43
    Have a friend who got the4.8 in an S-10(lighter than 1500) and is only getting 14 mpg(in break in period though).
    I've seen 21 mpg for the 1500 with 5.3 on this site! I'd get the 5.3, better resale too.
  • werkingwerking Member Posts: 431
    i just got a '00 ls 1500 z71 4 dr ext cab with the 5.3 on my first tank of gas, i got about 13 mpg, and on my second i got about 15. here's the kicker though. the first tank was spent almost entirely (75%) in 4-hi. the second about half 4-hi, and half autotrac. both modes which significantly degrade gas mileage. i'm working on tank #3 right now, and finally, we've gotten weather which allows me to travel in 2-hi. i expect better results now. i jumped to the 5.3 from a 2.2 liter 4 cyl 5 speed s-10. so, the power jump for me was rather significant, and nice. and i wouldn't trade it if the gas mileage doesn't break 20 mpg for the life of the engine. the 4.8 and 5.3 are almost identical gas mileage wise, all you save is up-front cost. go for the 5.3, if you don't, one day you'll need the extra power...and not have it. sorry for the long post.

  • paynerpayner Member Posts: 31
    Thanks for the response everyone. Now does anyone know anything about the factory Tonneau Cover?
  • huntman99huntman99 Member Posts: 7
    After 17,000 miles with my 1999 1500 SLT 4x4 Fire Red 5.3L Sierra, I ordered another one to trade this one in on. A 2000 4dr 4x4 1500 Pewter slt. It was ordered today, he has it allocated for march 5th and due to arrive the 1st of april. The boot price, all inclusive was 4989. Tax, bedliner everything except upgraded tires because I decided for the cost I could trade for BFG Radial all terrain ko, my question is does anyone know what all is entailed in reprogramming the computer from 245 to 265 or (285's if they could fit) on the truck. I thought 5k for 21000 miles and 14 months isn't bad for a truck that lists for 33k. Any thoughts or comments on the tire issue would be appreciated.

  • rayt2rayt2 Member Posts: 1,208
    Allocated for March 5th & you expect it by April 1st? YOU ARE DREAMING! Without an order # & TPW you are no closer to getting the truck then when you walked thru the door, & you have no way of tracking your order until you have a order#.

    Your choice, is of course the better truck of what is made by the other manufacturers. Go to topic 555 and you'll understand a little more about how long most of us have been waiting. For me it's been since 8/30/99 for first order which got cancelled by me. The second dealer ordered 12/17, I recieved a TPW on 1/21 (a month after order accepted by GM) of 2/7, I am hoping for delivery by the 29th & that is wishfull thinking!

    Ray T.
  • jkeefe1jkeefe1 Member Posts: 21
    This message goes to Post #37. Did you get your truck yet? My 4 Door LS was ordered in October, with a build date of January 10th week. Still no word from the dealer. The dealer says they have received nothing from the transport shippers. Is this typical? Why should it take this long?
  • bhimelrightbhimelright Member Posts: 12
    I had an order placed for a 4 door silverado, but after three weeks and no allocation--on constraint I canceled the order. I was lucky enough to locate a truck on the lot in Knoxville Tn., with all the options I was looking for-- excluding wheel flares-- I'll order them later. I found the truck through GM Buypower at Beaty Chevrolet. I did all the dealing over the phone and e-mail. They gave me a good deal so I went down there Wed. and picked it up on Thur. then drove the 430 miles back home. The truck did great at speeds all the way up to 80mph no problems. NO wind noise,rattels, or vibration. The only thing was the drivers seat back wanted to move back and forth about 3/4" when you start and stop due to your weight transfer. I'll check about having this adjusted. Filled up gas when my wife was filling her jeep, had 200 miles on first tank, gauge showed little over 1/2 full. came out to be 18.5 mpg. I was pretty pleased. the truck is an LT 4dr 4wd shortbed, z-71,z-82, loc-diff, p265 owl tires. Bill
  • chetj1chetj1 Member Posts: 1
    I just got my 2000 Z71 4 dr 4X4 Silverado on Tue. Mine was ordered on 11-13 so I feel your pains. I love it though. I traded in a 99 Silverado that was pre-production so I'm suprised I got another one with all of the problems the problems I had on that one. But I have to say so far Chevy did a nice job on the 2000 model and I do love that forth door. Just wanted you to know and also thank everyone who posted messages about the problems they had on their 2000. It felt better buying this one knowing what to look for in problems -vs- the 99 where mine was like one of the first ones off of the assembly line.
    Thanks to everyone for thier postings
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