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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    My dealer tinted the windows on my Cassis Pearl Limited and it looks great! I wouldn't have a car without tinted windows.
  • jmarlinjmarlin Posts: 7
    I've had my XLS Avalon 2 weeks, great car to drive. No problems with the plastic doors for the radio and nav system.
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Posts: 134
    I have 400 miles on my new Avalon LTD and have not found any defects. I was surprised that the problems pointed out on this forum were not a problem for me:

    - Seat comfort - excellent, 6'4" 230 pounds
    - Difficulty closing dash doors - none
    - Noise - none, sometimes forget it's running
    - Rough ride - too soft for me
    - Navigation - many more functions than Infinity,
    Nissan, BMW - easy to use, haven't programed voice yet but it works
    - Handling snow - excellent
    - Quality interior materials - above average for price range.
    - Sun shield noise - none
    - Windshield wipers - great
    - Rattling seat belts - none

    I'm sure I will have some problems in the future but this car has met all of my expectations and more.

    Toyota has the same marketing problem as other mid level car dealers. The top of the line cars in their lineup do not get special luxury car attention - gold logos on keys, leather manual cases, fancy brochures, delivery to my home, etc. If thats what costs 10 - 20 thousand more I should be happy with the Avalon.
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Posts: 134
    When I read it I didn't understand where there was a dial that could fall out. I had visions of a gaping hole in the dash not a tiny hole where the "dimmer knob" was. Obviously he wanted his readers to think that something like the speedometer fell out.
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Posts: 134
    It's always good to get the best deal you can but the loss you take after you drive the car home due to depreciation makes how much you might have saved look pretty small. It sounds like some people want the car companies to put a value meter in their cars so everyone can be unhappy. If 1-2 thousand dollars is that important buy a used 2005 Avalon as soon as you can and save $10,000 ...... thats a good financial decision.

    I think the new Avalon will continue to sell very well throughout this year so everyone waiting for the 2006 model to get a much better deal might have to wait for the 2007 model!
  • gladiator99gladiator99 Posts: 104
    Just picked up my new XLS in blizzard pearl. My dealer found one for me and we got it within a week. Fantastic car, great ride, excellent handling, not to mention the styling and power.
    In western Canada we have to pay their access price which is full list price $45,102.00 plus taxes. I envy buyers in the US where some dealers will negotiate from cost up. Unfortunately we can't buy an Avalon limited here in Canada. Hope you get your car soon, although it's worth the wait. Good luck.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    I tried to gently remove my dimmer knob, couldn't do it and didn't push to hard. It's great. By the way my Bridge/Tarz tires are great, silent and nice ride, so I won't trade them for the Michelins. The seat belts make noise?? If you mean when you take them off and they hit the side of the door, same in the 04 and 02 of mine, and that's understandable not a quality issue.. If not that then I don't know what anyone is talking about. Not with mine, they don't rattle or anything. Any car, new, 2 years old or whatever can have an item or two go wrong, and they are mostly correctable. Why we get hung up on this stuff is crazy, just take it in and it will be fixed, it's not terminal. The dimmer knob if it did fall out can happen at any time if it wasn't put in properly, it has nothing to do with a new car, just some one overlooked it. Things like this happen every day with any car company. Lately Mercedes isn't doing that well, their quality has really gotten worse and they are trying to fix it. Toyota maintains a great quality program. The reviews are outstanding for the really important thing of this Avalon, the comfort ride quality, roominess and quietness and smooth powerful engine, etc. Okay, enough said about this by me Read the reviews of the guys and gals who mostly have said in answer here, no problems so far and that includes me. Good night. Happy Easter.
  • jll1jll1 Posts: 12
    Where is the gps antenna (for the navigation system) located?

    In which window(s) are the AM/FM radio antennas located?
  • jll1jll1 Posts: 12
    Reference my post # 3464, while recently in a Best Buy in the Phoenix area I noticed Best Buy now installs Madico's Proline 3D window tint. According to Proline's web site, the benefit of the Proline 3D is that it will not interfere with antenna reception as opposed to some other tints.

    It comes with a limited lifetime guarantee, whatever that means.

    It is not inexpensive (upwards of $300 installed) for front & back as opposed to a $165 dealer quote for their typical tint.

    Has anyone with tinted windows experienced any increased radio and/or nav reception concerns?

    Perhaps it is just another non-issue. But, as one can surmise, most consider auto window tinting mandatory for surviving the Phoenix sun.
  • See post 1822 Southeast Toyota has its own finance, warranty and extended contract service not only for Toyota but is used by other manufacturers as well.

    I know there have been many posts about extended warranty but my question is for anyone that lives in SET area NC,SC,GA,AL ,Fl
    Have you purchased an extended warranty?
    If so is it different than the 7year/100,000 other have talked about and cost or opinions THANKS!
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    "Re: reply to 1822 SET Distributors [sbell4] by analyticangel"
    I never had an auto warranty, maybe I just lucked out. From what I read and discussed once with a warranty representative I knew, You can always get the warranty if you want one just before Toyota's warranty runs out, why spend the money in advance. JMHO. Good Luck.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Good morning Forum,
    I went on line this morning, and what do I see first. Edmunds 10 most wanted cars for 2005. You know, I don't know where they get their information from, but I was very surprised to once again find a bias list of NAME PLATE cars!!
    While I know that is my opinion, I drove many of those cars, and that's why I have the Avalon.
    I find it hard to stomach, that they do not read reviews of problems, especially with the Chrysler 300. They also don't care that Chrysler has one of the worst resale values !!
    While emails and opinions were welcome to respond to the MOST WANTED, I wrote a doosey!!!
    They do not go by performance, so that's up to all of us. While they choose to think what is the MOST WANTED, I know that you will agree with me that we know what we have with the Avalon. Looks, style, and performance that Toyota is noted for!!
    I hope others will join me in letting them know just how un-educated their MOST WANTED cars for 2005 are, and that they don't have any idea what the new Avalon is like. It's kind of like the other Avalon review which was totally stupid!!! If they want to do a quality review, let one of us do it!!

  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    In reply to whether it is prudent to purchase an extended warrant, I too have never bought one. However, with all the new innovations on the Limited, it could be very costly to repair after the initial warranty has expired. I keep my cars for at least 7 years and since I was able to negotiate a reasonable price at the time I purchased my car, I felt it wise to do so. Later, you will pay more and not be in a position of strength to negotiate a reasonable price. With today's interest rates, you certainly won't miss the $1,000 you spend for the platinum warranty.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    Read this guys. Under $30K. David is aiming for Goliath...
  • clipper1clipper1 Posts: 70
    Well folks -- Since the 2006 Initial Order Acceptance month for the new '06 Avalon is:


    I just re-negotiated my '05 deal (car arriving Monday) They will have it sold today to another buyer -- They keep my $500 deposit and will re-apply the same for the new '06 Limited at the same price over invoice) (I realize Toyota might increase the price $500 -- But, to me the '06 VIN is worth it.)

    I am over-joyed.

    (Initial delivery month for the '06 is a proposed: 08/05)
  • beetle1beetle1 Posts: 5
    Perhaps someone involved in the order process (mackabee?) can explain what happens when you reach a deal on price and the dealer does not have the car you want in his stock. Is the request for a car assigned a "request number" so that other dealers may respond ? - if no other dealer has the car, is there and "order number" assigned by the factory and an estimated build date generated? Can the dealer provide a reasonably close estimated delivery date? How can the customer know what is happening relative to the order?
  • figaromdfigaromd Posts: 18
    Why the name 'Limited'? I would never buy anything that could be potentially construed as being 'Limited' in any way.

    But that's just me.

  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    looks very much like my 98 Avalon XLS. with my Platium warranty for my 05 Limited, I feel I have a very much superior car, more powerful engine, more comfortable and upscale interior plus the Toyota name with the best warranty in the industry.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    I thought Toyota lost that "access price" fight in court a couple years ago. They were told they could keep it, but dealers would still be able to sell for less if they wanted to. In other words, they can't force or punish a dealer who wishes to negotiate vehicle prices with a customer (it's against the law). To my knowledge that's why "access pricing" never made it to Ontario. Hopefully I can find the article. Looked at one this weekend... what a beautiful car.
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    First washed gorgeous black XLS in the FL sun. I know, I know - the first of many.

    Beaucoup water spots on gleaming blackness. Ayyy yyyiii yyyiii!

    Scrubbed & scrubbed - NG
    Maguire's Polish - NG
    Window cleaner - NG
    Sandpaper - maybe last resort?

    Remembered old teenager trick - spritz 50-50 white vinegar & water; quickly wipe w/damp cloth (dampened w/fresh H20). - VOILA! End of dreaded mineral deposits.

    Let's see - 5 washes/week x 52 weeks/yr x 3 year ownership = 780 washes! Any paint left? Maybe needs a good carnauba wax job right now, just in case.

    CAUTION TO CANADIANS: Do not touch tongue to any exposed vehicle metal surfaces during water spot removal (July & August excluded).

  • figaromdfigaromd Posts: 18
  • Why the name 'Limited'

    Limited = Limited Release?

    I am amazed at the adoption of the various terms for cars among the manufacturers. SE (Special Edition?) XLS (Excellence?) XLT (Xtra Long Truck, just kidding). And now Dodge and Ford with 300 or Five Hundred (at least they spelled it, very clever) numbering scheme like the European models. It all goes to show you that we are influenced by marketing and name tags more than we realize. Anyway I'm getting a Limited because it is top-of-the-line just like every other manufacture's is; hey why don't they call it the Avalon TOTL!
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    Figaro (MD?):

    In order of best results (#1 is best):

    1. Take the bus
    2. Avoid rough roads
    3. Run 15 psi in tires
    4. Take Valium

    Be sure to let us know results.

  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Ford Five Hundred and Chrysler 300 date way back in both manufacturer's histories to the 50's or 60's long before the Europeans had much of any foothold in the US.

    I agree in most cases the names/numbers are marketing gimmicks, but such is life.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    But at least the Europeans denote engine size by numbering schemes. The Ford five-hundred does not have a 5.0 liter engine as far as I know.
    : )
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Strange, but after reading that review one of my previous Avalon customers came in yesterday to get another one. I turned him over to one of our top salespersons but couldn't resist going over the car with him and first thing I did was to try and remove the dimmer control. Not a chance didn't even budge. Anyway TJ's wife is very happy with her new Avalon.
    : )
  • norskeynorskey Posts: 9
    What refinements or changes would you like to see in the 2006 Avalon?

    I have a few suggestions:

    1. Re-work the dash. Eliminate or replace the cheap-looking silver colored plastic.
    2. Eliminate the doors on the radio & tape player. Bad idea to begin with and possibly problematic from what I've seen. (I predict that the dashboard doors will be dropped within 2 years)
    3. Add some protective exterior side molding. It looks fine as is, but also looks like it might be a magnet for door dings and dents.
    4. Offer more premium (extra cost optional) exterior paint colors that rival the sophistication of Lexus colors. Norskey
  • mikerochmikeroch Posts: 69
    Although not an owner (yet?) norskey, perhaps I could add the following request for 2006:


  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    There happens to be a very famous race run in Indianapolis every year, which I believe is probably the origin of the Ford Five Hundred name.

    Way back in the 50's and 60's, the cars running in Nascar actually used the sheet metal of the street cars, though even then probably what was inside shared little with the street models.
  • clipper1clipper1 Posts: 70
    On May 10th you can order a '06 Avalon.
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