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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • clipper1clipper1 Posts: 70


    Mystic Isle.... Where King Arthur went to heal.

    Avalon: Where Excaliber was forged.

    Avalon: Home for retired Gods.

    Avalon: Place of the "Holy Grail"

    Avalon: ACeltic 'Otherworld.'
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Thanks for the information Mack. I have sent emails to several dealers regarding the avalon, but I have not yet heard anything.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    JUST ME...Great luck today with the tinted glass and oil change. I'm glad you're having it done today, and not April Fools Day on Friday. I wouldn't want you to be fooled in any way!
    Yes, I try to watch those road chips as well. It hurts if you get one. So far, so good!
    Enjoy your day and keep loving this great car. You better watch though, you want to give your wife the same attention as the Avalon !!
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    YES This car is great for all the above on your post clipper!!!
    We could do healing in the car, it could be a great car for a God-like individual, and you can live in "anotherworld" driving it. Three out of the five work great !!! Not sure about the excaliber being forged or the Holy Grail being part of car. LOL- have a great day!
  • cc12wittcc12witt Posts: 8
    I must say that I am really disappointed in the mostly unimaginative colors chosen for such a quality automobile....Is Mr. Magoo in charge of all that? Black and white, like poverty and politicians, will be with us always, but TWO shades of gray?? Give me a break! If the people in charge were really smart, they'd hire the folks from the Ford paint department, and then we'd have some really beautiful choices!
    Don't get me wrong, though....I still believe that F O R D is an acronym for "Found On Road Dead!"
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I do agree that they need more choices..I heard that bright yellow was making a big come back..saw a new Mustang in that color. Bright yellow Avalon?
  • bushkabushka Posts: 19
    I think the color choices should be greater, although the limited choices available are not bad ... just not as elegant as the car itself. I was just thinking about how expanding color choices, trim levels, etc must be a real "inventory management" challenge for dealers. Think about it. There are now FOUR trim levels of the new Avalon. Plus ... Toyota now offers so MANY different vehicles, each in multiple trim levels: Cars, Trucks, SUVs and a couple of convertibles! I'm amazed at how the Toyota line has expanded.

    In terms of the Avalon name: I remember reading in another forum that "Avalon" also has some roots in Japanese culture, so maybe there's something to that aspect. At any rate, it's an excellent name for a fine car. I prefer names like Avalon to the "letters & numbers" approach that Lexus, Mercedes and some others use so broadly. I've often thought that Acura made a big mistake by dropping the Legend name ... and another mistake by calling another car the Vigor.

    Just a few rambling thoughts. Enjoy your day! Bushka
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I don't see why not - the rules for link posting are defined in the Rules of the Road (link at the top of the page). As long as it doesn't go against those - it sounds like it doesn't - it's fine.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Bushka... I do agree. I think it is great that Toyota has made so many choices with the Avalon. Something for everyone. I am very happy with my Black Limited eventhough it is a challange to keep clean. It's worth it to me though.I also like the fact that they dont use the" Letters& numbers" approach. It is cool that the name Avalon has some Japanese roots as well. Great!!
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    "Don't get me wrong, though....I still believe that F O R D is an acronym for "Found On Road Dead!""

    I thought it was Fix Or Repair Daily...

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    I found this site for doing the Gold emblems on the 05 Avalons. Tpypta tells me that they aren't going to be doing them, at least not yet.

    They quoted me 169.00 & 10.00 shipping for the front emblem, the rear emblem, the words Toyota & Limited.

  • rodc2rodc2 Posts: 26
    I don't believe I've seen the Avalon Sunroof (Moonroof) Deflector discussed in this forum. It is listed by Edmunds, VHIX, NADA, and others as a "no cost" option (Manufacturer option code SD) becoming available in March 2005. Is it a mechanical device which rises into the "slip stream" only when the roof is opened, or is it a plastic/metal mini spoiler which remains attached to the exterior of the roof in front of the sunroof at all times? The former would be great, but the latter may detract from the vehicles otherwise clean lines. I have not seen one of these wind deflectors installed on a new Avalon, but possibly one of you have. Comments?
  • maryd1maryd1 Posts: 2
    Reading this forum daily helped me decide to take the plunge. Have a 2005, Blizzard. Pearl Lmtd. Feel you'd appreciate my experience. I have a propensity to set my coffee cup (usually ceramic) on my moon roof as I enter my car in the morning for the one mile drive to work. As you may guess I sometimes forget it. My 2002 Avalon had a record of 4 ceramic coffee cups broken and two lost stainless steel cups on the street as they bounced off the car. This morning, after several turns, enjoying the power and manueverablity of my new machine and having numerous neighbors waving more feverently than usual at me, I arrived at work with my coffee still sitting on the moon roof intact. Admittidly with a third less coffee, but still there. Smooooth ride. Love it! MaryD
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    MaryD, welcome to the 05 Avalon club. Your coffee cup is destined to go down in Avalon history - alongside Shakespeare, King Arthur, the Holy Grail, Natalie Cole and a town on the Jersey shore!

  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    LOL That is too cool!!! You should do a commercial!
    Here it goes from MaryD:

    Do you think your car isn't smooth enough? Just check out the number uno Avalon and a cup of coffee on a moonroof ride. Now that's smooth.
    "Can't get it out of my head"

  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "I have not seen one of these wind deflectors installed on a new Avalon, but possibly one of you have. Comments?"


  • I want thank everyone who contributes here. There is a lot of great input here regarding the Avalon, however I've not seen a lot of posts regarding the quality of the sound system. Sure, I've seen a lot of posts regarding how quiet the car is, but being an audiophile (nick didn't give that away did it?) it's something I've been very curious about. I currently have an Audi A6 that's going to get the boot (as my friends call it "The Ouchie"), but one of its redeeming qualities is the Bose sound system in it. Is the JBL in the Limited and other models a decent system?

    "Common sense is not so common" -Benjamin Franklin
  • agentagent Posts: 56
    some people in here love it but not me. I plan to get the stock stereo and replace the whole system. Paper cone speakers and an un-enclosed sub do not belong in a $30k car. IMHO
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    LOudspeaker... I have the Limited, and I enjoy the stereo very much. I listen to CD's most of the time, and they sound great. I know Bose as a great system, and I have not heard it in the Audi.
    I am very happy with the surround sound. It really sounds great in the backseat!!! I am pleased, however there have been others that have liked the sound system in the Acura better. The Limited is a great car, hope this helps a little. I am pleased with the sound.
  • LoUdSpEaKeR, I think the JBL sound quality is really decent and so do my teenage kids, who were genuinely "wow'd" by the terrific sound from their own CDs when played through the car system. But given your name, this is something that you may want to check out for yourself. Take your own music for a test-listen and won't really need to have the car in motion for this test, as the ambient noise would not be very different ;-) Let us know what you think afterwards!

  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    Loudspeaker - I know what Ben Franklin would do. Bet you do, too. GO LISTEN TO IT, DUDE.

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    PLEASE, vent, and bring the children back to reality. Most of these machines depreciate. Some of us, are lucky enough to have someone else pay for it, but some of us, pay cash for our vehicles, drive them over the 10 year mark, and are sometimes lucky enough to sell them privately.

    I would think if you paid cash for your vehcile, keep it only 7 years, put 2k into it, and then are trading it in on a new Avalon. Does not sound financially savvy to me. Keep it to 10, and then sell it privately. Get one of the last years of this new Avalon when all of the kinks are out. A better and more savvy bet for sure.

  • bluesiebluesie Posts: 6
    I keep calling Toyota and they don't think they have a problem with the laser cruise control I was the first and only one to call and report it !
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836!make=Buick&model=LaCrosse&ed_makeind- - ex=.ef65f0f

    Gosh, I am feeling sorry for GM. The host created a board for LaCrosse buyers to post their buying experience on March 8. Not a single post since then. GM had really high hopes with the LaCrosse as a viable alternative to the Avalon. Doesn't look like it is going to be much of a competitor against the Avalon
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Hi RONN. Well the tint is done and it goes so nicely with the shiny black trim around the window and door jams. Then I took it to my brushless car wash where nothing touches the car but water, wax etc. then drive it through the blower and voile, dry on the outside. Then I open all the doors and truck and hood and dry all the surfaces that are wet. Later today I will vacuum the interior, yes Ronn, I'm a clean freak with this car, its driving the misses crazy but I have never been so happy with a car. On the way home from my dealer in Savannah, I finally with 1,000 plus a few miles under my belt opened it up to 75, WOW, quiet, I can't find the words to appreciate the engine and comfort. So far in the city driving I get around 22 to 23, so for that I'm very happy as well. Its amazing how they gave us a more powerful engine and yet more MPG for the gas, all the others use more gas in that Edmunds write up. RONN, I'm Happy for you as well knowing how you also love your Black Avalon. Hopefully Macabee will be able to post my picture showing the bumper guard, I hope. I'm sure I will hear from him shortly. We should form an AVALON CLUB and meet someday. Can you imagine all the stares as we appear with the same car in different colors and not Harleys. Then we can have a picnic and of course those of us with wives have to bring them along.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    MaryD1, that is the best advertising commercial I have heard. You ought to call Toyota and let them in on this and just maybe you could collect royalties on this if their advertising department is smart enough to use it. Welcome to the board and happy motoring.
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Abfisch, there is more to life than money. Relax and enjoy, the devil cuts your pockets out. We all know cars depreciate, they aren't houses, so what. Do what's good for you, everyone has his own way, and you know what, they are all right. Different strokes for different folks. In the interim I've having a ball driving my Avalon now. I don't know whether I will awake to enjoy another day. We are all vulnerable to life's surprises.
  • boatsmanboatsman Posts: 37
    I never noticed until today I was standing behind my car while they were drying it at the car wash. The exhaust outlet on the drivers side is 1/2 to 1 inch lower than on the other side. At first I thought it had caught on something going through the car wash but my wife said she noticed it weeks ago when we got the car but forgot to mention it to me. Now everyone go out and check your cars. You really have to look close straight from the back or you'll think it's just the angle. It's not loose as I tried to lift up on it and it wouldn't budge.
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "At first I thought it had caught on something going through the car wash but my wife said she noticed it weeks ago when we got the car but forgot to mention it to me."

    Ummmm, Mr. Boatsman, how long did you say you've been married? My wife couldn't get away with that story during the honeymoon! We'll all look at our pipes just to be sure, and you may be right. But I'm thinkin' you should give Puddin' a good old cross examination, bud.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    First of all I think everything is being blown waaay out of proportion. If you are not interested in having a conversation, then don't have it, just don't participate. There is no need to keep posting telling someone else not to have it - whatever the subject is.

    Secondly, that TSB does not pertain to the Avalon, so let's quit discussing it here.

    Thirdly, if folks own an Avalon and are personally experiencing a hesitation problem, they are very welcome to post about it. Those of you who want to relate it to other Toyota/Lexus difficulties may link previous posts in response to anyone who posts such a message, but there really is no reason to keep saying the same things over and over.

    (Linking a prior is message is very easy - right click on the message number, choose Copy Link Location/Copy Shortcut (whatever language your browser uses). Then go to a post box, right-click and choose Paste. What you see won't make a lot of sense to you, but when you post it will be a very legible link to that message.)

    That about covers it for now - let's let the whole hesitation issue go until or unless an owner is posting about his or her own personal experiences with it.
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