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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Libertie, that post was totally in jest! :blush: I don't foresee any changes for 2006 as they always keep the car the same the first two years after the redesign. I may be wrong as they did listen to customers when the new 4Runner came out in 2003 and had the ugly gray cladding. I will let you guys and gals know if any changes come down the pipe.
  • currycurry Posts: 22
    Update to the "Folio Saga"

    Just got a voice mail from my salesman. He stated that he looked up my invoice, and that "it does not contain the folio in the invoice." WTF?? Is a folio an option??? Must be. You might think that when you buy a $32k car that they'd throw in the folio. Sheesh!! I haven't called him back to tell him that the sales manager (a) gave me a folio yesterday, and (b) apparently the sales manager does not know it is an option.

    Makes ya wonder.

  • roskiroski Posts: 15
    Say "P-O-I Off". It works for me. It will, however, turn off all POI's not just gas stations, you might try "Gas Stations - Off"
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Gee, I wonder if they charge extra for air in the tires. You wonder if they just throw in the folio, especially if you paid MSRP or close to it. However, if its leather, I can see the extra charge.

    In my area, the Avalons are starting to pile up on the lots. I have not even seen any on the road. I wonder if the dealers are not yet dealing on it.

    Mac- Thanks for the comments awhile ago about the Blizzard Pearl paint. Its odd that the Toyota website did not include this add-on when I priced one on a "Build your Avalon".

    Best quote for the Vehicle I'm interseted in was $25,400 plus tax, license, and CA Tire Fee (MSRP $27,727). Still seeking $3,000 off of the sticker!
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    The Black Folio for the owners manual, it came with my car that I ordered in first week of Feb. for my XLS, and got the car around the 15 or 20th of Feb. and the cover was with the manual as in my earlier models. Maybe it has to do with the way a dealer handles his customers, all I know is that with me, Savannah Toyota has been excellent in every way, service included. When you go for an oil change if you ask they wash your car, but I don't let them do that anymore, I take care of that so only I am responsible for any fine scratches and swirl marks from washing, so I have me to blame and so far everything is fine with over 2,000 miles. I didn't wait for my paint to cure, I washed and waxed I believe after the first week I had the car and all is fine. I have the convex mirrors on my rear mirrors, and no problem.
  • currycurry Posts: 22
    Thanks for that info. I plan on picking up a convex mirror on the way home.

  • eljefe1eljefe1 Posts: 12
    How do the mud flaps look...Do they match the color?

  • eddieb1eddieb1 Posts: 8
    I own a 2005 Avalon XLS. I love the car, but I absolutely agree with everything you mention. The Japanese ca r makers do everything in lock step. Look at EVERY Japanese sedan and what do you see? Painted silver consoles. The one thing that should have the greatest protection has the least! I take excellent care of the car, but no matter how hard you try, you scratch the silver console pieces. I hope some aftermarket company comes out with more durable console pieces. I'll be the first to buy it. Door for cassette player is dumb...
  • eddieb1eddieb1 Posts: 8
    mudflaps look great. buy on line since dealer charges 80+ dollars!
  • eddieb1eddieb1 Posts: 8
    Is it just me, or was it downright crazy to spec cheap, painted silver console pieces in a 30K+ sedan? Anyone know of a good aftermarket dash kit to replace the console pieces?
  • jordan7jordan7 Posts: 77
    are your mudflaps colored to somewhat match your paint. (I have a Titanium Ltd). where did you get them, what web site, did they fit well and install easily, and if you don't mind my asking, how much were they. any info would be appreciated.
  • Just got my splash guards put on today. Bought mine from dealer. I think they were $67 for a set of 4. Mine are black. Color coded available only in some Toyota Regions. Some weird Toyota quirk, I guess. Anyway they look great and took about 10 minutes to put on. Didn't even have to pull the back wheels to install.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You'd be surprised how much sales managers don't know about the cars their dealership sells. ;) They don't hire them for their product knowledge. Yes the owner's portfolio is a factory option. Some dealers buy their own from local providers but if you want the fancy one with the Toyota logo made in China you got to pay for it. Nothing's free in this business/.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Tina, I don't think there's $3000.00 markup between invoice and MSRP on an XL. Good luck! The charge for the Pearl white paint shows up when you print the "sticker" on the build your own section. Every option code is listed in parenthesis. $25,400.00 is a heck of a deal. I'd jump on that before they change their minds! :shades:
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Posts: 134
    The folio is not a very important thing but it really disappointed me when I found my owners manual in a blue plastic envelop. I have never purchased a car within the last 20 years that did not come with a leather or leather like folio. I am proud of my LTD but would never let anyone else see the envelop they gave me. I threw it out along with the salesmans card! Toyota needs to visit Lexus, Volvo, Audi, Infiniti, Acura, BMW, even Nissan or Buick to learn about the importance of first impressions! All of these auto companies sell cars priced the same as the Avalon.

    I feel that their ads fall in the same category ........ they seemed to be directed towards the departed.
  • greenbeltgreenbelt Posts: 55
    I was pricing out a Touring edition 05 Avalon and was surprised to find that you can't normally get it with VSC or Navigation. Don't the Japanese product planners understand that Touring might just mean Driver engagement and enjoyment? If so, drivers are acutely aware of the value of VSC and are typically pretty engaged with a Nav system. This would be a wonderful high end option package for the Touring model. You'd get the good suspension, the 'wing' and a good VSC to help you out in the winter.

    Plus they could throw in the heated seats too! Anybody listening in Toyoland?

    Maybe its easier to buy an XLS and put on Tokico shocks and good sway bar bushings?
  • Boatsman
    Thanks for the post! Will see Joe and hopefully all will go well. Will check pipes
    and hopefully they will be fine ll! Do you live North or South of there?
    Am combining my trip with a campus visit to USF for my son who will soon need to make college decisions......... :D At least we will have a great car for when we make the rest of the college rounds!!! Thanks for all your advice I am grateful to you and many others especially Just me , deanie, agent, mackabee, Ronn and others for their great posts and information . I have even come to appreciate Groza' sense of humor . ;)
    Will have a long trip home in a new car and will check back in when "she's home safe and sound"
  • currycurry Posts: 22
    Regarding the power issue, I have a second 12V plug in the large center console. It is located near the bottem, front near the driver.

  • Leinad
    If your out the door price on a fully loaded Limited is 34,714 ( You said the MSRP is 39,508) I would run and get it yesterday !! If you deduct the tax you are way under invoice and I dont see how any dealer woould sell that way YOu said you are only over 432 on edmunds invoice and that does not make sense .if tax is not reflected in price
    More power to you if you can get it but you may want to double check
    Good luck Let su sknow if that is a real offer
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    If you click on my name in the title of this reply, you can view my posts (the earlier ones are best) about Toyota's glaring omission of VSC from Touring models. I hesitantly bought an XLS b/c I have to have VSC, and there's no better car on the market for the money than Avalon. I now love my XLS, but I'd much rather have bought a Touring w/VSC. Better handling = better car.
    P.S. You can buy an XLS and one day replace the stock shocks/springs/struts for those of the Touring and get the Touring's better handling, but I'd first consult Toyota about some steering/suspension probs some Tourings have had, and find out whether or not the switch would affect the ABS or VSC or Traction Control on the XLS (To all: I know I've mentioned the Touring/XLS shock swap too many times, but not everyone reads previous posts, so no verbal spankings please).
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    THANK YOU, have a great trip and best wishes to your son..
  • ronharvronharv Posts: 51
    $2,300 under MSRP for an XL? Unless a trade-in is involved (which means number juggling), I think that's a startling deal. I've arranged for $1,200 under MSRP for an XL which is supposed to arrive in a couple of weeks, and I'm suspicious about the dealer sticking to that price. My guess is that this early in the car-producing year dealers aren't inclined to give much money off a basic model which lacks the various high-profit features. Anyway, I'll report back how I actually do with a large-volume Calif. dealer when the car does arrive. So far all dealings have been by phone, including my credit-card deposit. Seems to me that not many XL's are being produced in the first place, so any kind of MSRP break might not be half bad, although I expect to be firm about my $1,200 off.
  • avalonfanavalonfan Posts: 28
    I put over 100 miles test driving an RX330. It's a beautiful, feature rich vehicle and I liked the elevated seating. However, I felt there was more road and wind noise than I expected. Also, while SUV's are great for hauling larger items around, that is not a requirement of mine. I prefer a separate storage area for golf clubs, suitcases and taking home fast food (Fish & Chips) where the aroma lingers for days.

    In my humble opinion, the Avalon has as good or better refinements than the RX. And, a silent cabin. As to resale value, I have only unofficial information, but my expectation would be to see a value of $16,000.00 or better in four years on my Blizzard Pearl, tan interior, fully loaded limited. With gas prices increasing with no end in sight, 31 MPG highway looks good. I have 800 miles on my car and am seeing an average of 21 around town.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    :) gs, it's not Toyota. It's their dealer network. Some are better than others.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Tina, I was close on my guesstimate between invoice and MSRP. I have one coming in with pn, sr, ev, cf, dk, gn, wl. that stickers at $28,527.00 invoice is $2703 off of that. Remember the regional advertising fees vary by region so depending on where you are at it will vary by a few hundred. So if you are getting $3000.00 you got very lucky. Go get it before they change their mind, I'm serious. Here in my region we're selling Ltd and XL at MSRP.
    :blush: :blush: Mackabee
  • jcu1963jcu1963 Posts: 22
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Living in Southern Illinois is beautiful most of the time. Unfortunately, trying to obtain a Limited '05 is next to impossible, and those that are available "on the lot," if any, are at MSRP. The other day I spoke with an Internet manager from a St. Louis dealer who indicated that the Limiteds were being sold with a premium added on to MSRP.

    I continued to look around and found the following. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the pricing:

    05 Limited
    Navigation system
    Preferred accessory package
    Vehicle skid control
    Satellite radio system

    List price $38,278
    My price $37,078 + $65 documentation fee

    To quote the individual: "There are no other fees or hidden costs."

    I would appreciate comments on the pricing please. Thanks,

  • I'm not familiar with the preferred accessory package and don't know the invoice price on it. Leaving it out it looks like the invoice is $32,070.60. Accounting for the dealer holdback and allowing for a generous 11% profit a fair price looks to be around $35,363.00 + that package.

  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Hey mackabee! Do you have an idea if dealers would tend to deal more on one trim than the other. In general. Would the Limiteds and XL's be less inclined to negotiate compared to the Touring and the XLS, for example? Appreciate your help.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    No different than any other car in high demand. Supply and demand determines the deals.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 26
    Have you noticed the supply and demand being any different in respect to the four Avalon trims?
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