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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • fosman77fosman77 Posts: 13
    The radiator is under a plastic cover plate, If you reach under you can feel the cap, Check coolant with the overflow cap.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    A 3% price hike is customary for Toyota between model years which means around $1,000.00 increase for an XLS

    With Ford and Chrysler preparing to follow GM's lead of offering employee discounts for all, I believe there will be pressure on Toyota to keep its prices in check. Certainly Nissan and Honda are already beginning to offer big discounts. According to the Wall Street Journal, in some instances consumers can buy some of GM's models for as much as $3,000 below invoice.

    This marketing strategy has is very successful for GM as they saw a 47% sales increase for June.
  • fragmirefragmire Posts: 97
    Don't forget that Japanese automakers (esp Toyota) are under a lot pressure to not kill off GM and Ford, primarily because of potential US government response (taxes and others) should the two companies die off. Toyota headquarter in Japan already announced their plan for price increase a couple months back to "keep the market competitive." With Toyota's ability to manufacture Lexus-quality vehicles at such low cost and still make profit, if they really go into a price war with US automakers, I don't think GM and Ford can survive.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    I got my XLS at almost $4,000 off MSRP.
  • jickajicka Posts: 38
    We have a standard 20' x20' garage. We traded an '00 XLS for an '05 LTD.

    Having replaced the driver's mirror at $400+ installed on the '00, I would truly like to have folding mirrors on my '05 which is an inch or so wider than the '00. I suppose I'll get over my anxiety backing out of the garage in time, but right now it's a very slow evolution.
  • bettersafebettersafe Posts: 92
    With all the computer technology built into the engine and transmission, there has to be a way to record the quirks into a diagnostic computer. Then the database of quirks could be sent to the manufacturer's techies for analysis. Talking about quirks does not give the techies much to work with. A database showing speed, torque, RPM, throttle position, brake position, engine temp, etc, etc, etc, would be an excellent starting point for the techie, or lemon-law-lawyer, to build a case.

    I am convinced that there are multiple distinct transmission problems reported here and in the engine hesiation forum. And the words of WWEST (from the hesitation forum) seem to ring true. Solenoids can be faulty from the start, and they can age with usage....which are two different problems, and may be observed in different ways. Sad to say the aging of the solenoid and the "learning" algorithm of the software may interact as to confound the analysis. It is very likely that the software is designed to adapt to aging of the transmission components.

    If we could get a techie to record the engine/transmission performance in a normal situation, and again in a "quirk" situation, then we have a better chance to get it resolved. In my line of software analysis (which is not automotive), this is the approach I would take to solve the problem. Techies need "hard" data. They test and test and test software under all sorts of condiions, but once the software is in the field, users are ALWAYS able to produce conditions that the techie never envisioned. This is just the nature of life.

    In an ideal world, Toyota /Lexus folks who read this forum would contact a few owners who have frequent problems, and provide the recording computer for them to use for a week. The drivers would have to record the time of major "quirks". Then after a week the recording device could be returned to Toyota/Lexus for analysis.


    BetterSafe (than sorry)
  • teddylegteddyleg Posts: 8
    Thanks for the detailed help on the door unlock setting, Wyn, but I'm still striking out for some reason, and you are right, it IS really really frustrating.

    I entered the car. Put foot on the brake. Hit start button. Moved shift from "P" to "N", took my foot off the brake and pressed and held the door lock button to "lock" for 5 seconds counting as you suggested, and then releasing. No auto locking and unlocking of doors, no nothing.

    If it worked for you, there must be something I am doing wrong, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Any other suggestions?

    It's so frustrating, I find myself cursing at Toyota for making it so damn difficult to switch. Not only that, but if the Toyota HAD to pick a default, they chose the wrong one, IMO.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    There are no changes in the base price of the Avalon for 2006. No change in option packages either. Looks to me like the car will be the same as the 2005. There might be a slight increase in price on the options like $150-300 dollars not $3000.00 that would be political suicide for Toyota.
  • albiealbie Posts: 2
    I have a two-month old 2005 Avalon, and have had a recurring problem of a small amount of fuel coming out of the overflow valve below the cap. It has happened with a full tank as well as one that was halfway full. Has anyone else had this problem? The car is at the dealership now but they don't seem to know how to fix it. I think it is probably the incorrect psi in the fuel system but I am concerned about damage to my paint job.
  • avalonfanavalonfan Posts: 28
    I rented a full sized Mercury about one month ago and while driving in a construction zone I got too close to a large water filled orange traffic cone and smacked the passenger side outside mirror into it. Th mirror folded (Quickly) against the side of the car. The only damage was the mirror itself was broke, but the housing unit itself was perfect. Being a rental and the fact I didn't take out insurance on the car, I checked with Ford and purchased a replacement mirror for around $65.00. I tried to snap the mirror into place but it was clear that I didn't have the tools or skill to complete the task so I asked the Ford service people what they would charge to install the mirror. The service tech told me installing the mirror only is simply not done due to the high breakage rate of the glass. The dealership only installs the entire unit. I believe $400.00 was close to the quoted price installed. I was able to verify this with one additional dealership.
    With mirror in hand I took the car to Hertz and explained what happened to the day manager. He was so taken that I went to the trouble to buy a replacement mirror he not only refused to file a claim against the damage, he replaced my rental with a one class upgrade. I got a Buick La Crosse. Interestingly, it's outside mirrors don't fold either.
  • By putting your foot on the brake and hitting the start button I think you started the car. Right? You don't want to start the car. Please time the 5 seconds with a watch and you'll have better luck. I did. FIRST remember to cancel the start option that is factory set. See previous posts by doing a search.
  • 44394439 Posts: 21
    You do not want your vehicle to be running when you change your lock setting. When in the vehicle 1) set your parking brake 2) hit the start button twice w/your foot off the brake 3) shift out of park and into neutral 4) hold down the lock button for 5 seconds. It took me more than a few attempts to get it to work
  • teddylegteddyleg Posts: 8
    OK, I now understand that I need to cancel the start option that is factory set. So to do that, I don't need to touch the break at all? It says to shift the selector level to the "P" position, but since you need to do this when first turning the car "ON", shouldn't it already be in the "P" position?

    So to cancel, all I do it push the button to "ON" and then press and hold the power door lock to "lock" for 5 seconds and then release? I did try this before, but I'll try it again. I just want to make sure that the depressing the brake doesn't come into play at all when "unselecting" the factory setting and that I don't even have to touch the shifter since it's already set to "P" when entering the car.

    Is this right?
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Thanks for the update Mackabee. That sounds like good news, it wont be too high in any event just a couple of hundred dollars. I just hope that they have the fold-in mirrors and the fold down rear seats. I'm glad I waited!!!!
  • johnijohni Posts: 43
    Ange, the sensors that I installed from Awell (I believe Havalongavalon installed the same ones) have a buzzer indicating distance without an LED display. So they do not require putting any wiring into the passenger compartment - it's all done in the trunk. As you get closer to an object, the buzzer beep interval gets shorter until it is continuous at a range of about 16 inches. As for installation instructions, look up prior posts. As I recall, Havalongavalon covered installation well in his posts. Awell has good info on installation on their web site.

    You can purchase the same unit with an LED display. But that would require getting the display and its wiring inside the passenger compartment. I did not think it was worth the extra installation hassle.

    The silver colored detectors blend well into the titanium metallic bumper color of my Avalon. Not sure about other colors.

  • johnijohni Posts: 43
    Has anyone been successful in getting players such as Ipod to input into the audio system of the Limited? Since it does not have a tape player, I guess an FM modulator would be the only way. I don't have any experience with FM modulators, but I've been told that their signal can be weak. Also, does the surround sofware work on FM stereo stations?
  • 05avforum05avforum Posts: 25
    I too am interested in attaching an iPod to the Limited with Nav (i.e. no cassette). I've tried various FM modulators, but no luck. It seems that due to the antenna system on the back window, FM mods work poorly in this vehicle (even worse than others I've tried). Does anyone know how to hook up an Aux port or any other solution that will work?
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Toyota sold three times as many Avalons in June 05 to June 04

    AVALONS sold in June, 2005 - 9,134..... 2004 - 3,102 183.1% improvement in 05 for June, and 115.76% for the year so far.
    So Far 42,961 2005's Avalons sold through end of June. 20,050 sold in 04
  • rtimbortimbo Posts: 24
    Consumer Reports September issue will have the Avalon XLS, $33K, pitted against the Acura RL, $50K, the Audi A6, $45K, the Cadillac STS, $40K+, and the Infiniti M35, $40K+. It will sure be interesting to see how the Avalon stacks up to cars in a much higher price range. Can't wait for the results.
  • I have not seen this done, but that's what the owner's manual says.
  • sandydee1sandydee1 Posts: 26
    I would also like foldable mirrors. In the last few months, I busted my driver's side mirror in my 2003 Avalon and my son busted his passenger side mirror in his 2001 Camry. The repair cost was around $330 for the Avalon and $280 for the Camry. When I related the story to my brother, he said Welcome to the Club!. Within one year, he busted his driver's side mirror in his 1996 Avalon, had it replaced, his son then busted the new driver's side mirror, and again had it replaced. Now my husband's Durango has foldable mirrors so he has not had the busted mirror problem!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You're welcome tinatina. No fold down seats or fold in mirrors though. Have you considered a Camry instead? No fold in mirrors but you would get the fold down seats. Sorry I'm starting to sound like a salesperson again! Sold my first car today at my new store! And you would not believe what it was! No not an Avalon, a Scion xB! And the way it happened was a classic Mackabee story; so here it goes:
    I had just received an internet lead request for a Blue Onyx xB which we don't have in stock but had a Black cherry pearl. As I started to reply to the inquiry in words to that effect the phone rang. I picked it up and answered in my usual manner: "Thank you for calling xyz Toyota, this is Mackabee how may I help you?" person on the other line: "Hi, my name is John Smith. I was wondering if you have a Black cherry pearl xB on the lot" he says. So I start thinking to myself, "This is definitely a good omen." so I reply "You are not going to believe this but I was just replying to an e-mail about the Black cherry pearl xb we have on the lot. Are you looking for an automatic?" So he replies with excitement: "You have an automatic??!!" I've been looking for the Black cherry pearl for months now!" My wife and I will be over in 15 minutes" he exclaims. "John, before you hang up, do you have a pen or pencil ready? Good, please write down my name so you can ask for me when you come in. It's spelled M a c k a b e e. John while I have you on the phone let me get your first and last name and the number you are calling from." he gives me this information and I also ask for the zip code of his city and then we hang up the phones. I input his information in our customer base and wait for them to arrive. Fifteen minutes later I'm doing a product presentation and walk around and going on a test drive. 30 minutes later we are talking like we were old friends and we write up the paperwork. It was like I had never stopped doing this! So anyway to get back on topic, the 2006 Avalon will remain unchanged. Looks like Toyota will be going down this path with the Camry also. The 2006 will be here in August and there are strong rumors which I will confirm later that the 2007 will be out in January or February of next calendar year. Here we go again!
  • gbinplanogbinplano Posts: 65
    My wife and I, and two friends, just returned from spending four days in Houston. We drove from NASA Clearlake to Plano - 295 miles. We started from Clearlake with 1230 miles on the odometer, four full-sized adults and a trunkload of luggage, BlueStreak provided 27.2 mpg at 72 mph in 98 degree heat (cooled to 72 inside) with the laser guiding the cruise control most of the way. We had two drivers, varying traffic conditions and no hesitation, drifting, road or wind noise. It was the most relaxing road trip I have experienced.

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Sandydee, looks like this runs in the family! :blush: Maybe driving lessons? LoL! Just kidding!
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    My 2000 300M did not have the folding mirrors. The next year they added them.

    I broke my passenger mirror but it broke in a way that I was able to epoxy it back on. It stayed that way for over 2 years when finally I hit it again and it broke in pieces this time. I bought a used one from someone who upgraded to the folding mirrors. With instructions from a fellow M owner, I was able to take apart the door panel and install the used mirror myself,. Total time-about an hour. Cost : $65. It pays to be handy.

    Sure hope the Avalon eventually uses the folding mirrors. One possible reason that they don't is that the mirror housing is very large due to the heater, dimmer, and remote control. Even if they tilted in, you probably would gain only a half to one inch of space.
  • lakedoglakedog Posts: 15
    My gas mileage is getting WORSE! My last tank, 89 octane, in town, stop and go with A/C on, 15 mpg! WHAT'S HAPPENING? BTW, I only have 2500 miles on my LTD. :(
  • Do you think the '07 Avalon might get the new GS' 6spd. auto. transmission? It might clear up some of the current 5spd.'s problems.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Does anyone know where the nine speakers are located in the Touring model?

  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    1 - Center of Dash over radio
    2,3 - A pillars at corner of dash
    4,5 - Driver and passenger doors near front bottom
    6,7 - Rear doors near hinge at bottom
    8,9 - Rear deck lid

    Hope this helps.

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