RX 350 or Audi Q5, both 2016? New Lexus looks hideous!

carseeker21carseeker21 Member Posts: 2
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I've been a Lexus vehicles owner for 16 years. Happy with both my SUV & sedans. Time has come to get another SUV. I thought the new RX 350 would be the obvious choice.
Then, I saw it.
I think it looks super hideous & I'd feel horrible every time I look at it. Have you seen the front??? It looks likes an old 350 with a fake goatee for Halloween!!!
This being said, the Q5 is also an old model (just like the 350) and even lacks USB connections!
I know the specs. Any thoughts?

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  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    No USB is a deal killer these days. And I'm only half joking.

    You can't see the front of the car when you're driving it....
  • clu1313clu1313 Member Posts: 1
    It is funny how people have completely different views. I have never been interested in Lexus. I always thought the styling was bland. I tried to buy an IS two times and opted for the Infiniti G37 and this year Q60 convertible. Now we have decided that it may be time to part ways with our beloved BMW X5 and the Lexus dealer is right next door to BMW. I cannot get the new 2016 RX350 out of my mind. It took so edgy and sporty. They keep pushing the 2015 because of the old styling. I would rather pay the extra for 2016 and pass on the incentives given how powerful the 2016 looks. Or I will just stick with BMW.
  • steerpike_steerpike_ Member Posts: 8
    I agree with you on the looks. Glad to see there MAY be an option for a 2015 ... I don't like the 'goatee' front at all, and why do all cars now have to look like Christmas trees with their headlight setups!
  • carseeker21carseeker21 Member Posts: 2
    Apparently you and your wife have the exact same opinion as me!
    The front of the Lexus 350 (and not only) is outright hideous. And cheap looking.
    It'll be killing the 2016 model. 
    As I said, I've been owning Lexus for 2 decades, I'm in the market for a new one, I'm a loyal Lexus customer, but I simply cannot even look at the Halloween-style grill. 
    I won't pay to be ridiculed!
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