Advice needed for amateur - puncture repair

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Hello, I know very little about cars, and as such I'm always on the back foot when I take my car in to anywhere other than my trusted local garage.

I've got a puncture, seems repairable (nail in centre of tread), the breakdown guy who changed it said it should be. Took it to a local independent tyre place this morning...

Quoted £15 on the phone, including balancing. I asked if I needed a time slot, he said no just bring it in whenever.
Took it in, he took the wheel off (the spare is still on so he took the one that needs repairing from underneath the car), said it would be ready this afternoon.

I was expecting it to be done while I waited, especially since he said to bring it in whenever. So I left it with him.

1. Is this normal? (to leave the wheel with them)
2. Is £15 a fair price?
3. He didn't take the locking wheel nuts - do they need them to repair the tyre?
4. They'll obviously have to swap the spare and the repaired one back around. How long will this take and will they charge extra?
5. How will I know if they've done the balancing?
6. Do I need to check anything else - I've read something about a new valve?

I've never been there before so I'm just wary of being done over. Thanks.


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    A friend of mine owns a local tire shop/garage and the place you've gone to sounds very much like his and everything seems to be going the way it should as you describe it. To go point by point...
    Leaving the wheel with them is normal, if you're not waiting around. Easier to find space for a wheel than a vehicle.
    The price is right in the range of what you'd pay for a repair at my buddy's shop, so no issue there.
    He won't need the locking nuts to repair the tire. He will need them to put it back on the car, so make sure you have them with you when you go back.
    I wouldn't expect an extra charge for putting the tire back on. Taking it off the car and putting it back on are part of the repair.
    If they didn't do the balancing, you'd know as soon as you got up to speed and felt the vibration from an unbalanced tire.
    They take the tire off the rim to do the repair. Any time you repair and remount a tire, or mount a new tire on a rim the filler valve gets replaced.

    Sounds like you're dealing with a reputable shop that you'll like doing business with in the future.
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