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Hello People out there.

i have a 2006 Chevy Impala SS, There is 135000 miles on the car. Like many others the transmission had many issues. On October 6th 2015 we ordered a Gm Reman Transmission with a 3 year 100k warranty for my car.

It Was installed but a very trusted shop and they do great work.

The trans came in on October 7th, and it was installed, by October 8th i was back on the road. October 9th i am with me 2 year old son and my wife driving and we come to a stop then to to take off from the stop and the engine revs and slams in to gear.

After This it did a a few more times.
We hooked up the computer and ran tests but no codes or anything were getting picked up. No engine light or anything. Come Tuesday October 13 we dropped off the car at our local Gm dealer from where the trans was bought from to look in to the issue, on Weds October 14th I get a call that they could not find a issue. I went in and drove the car with the tech and in 5 min it did the issue two times.

they concluded that the valve body needed to be replaced. So they did order one. Then Comes October 16th the car can not be finished, this leaves me in a bigger bind because this is my family car for now. and we Need a Car,
After Nothing Un till 3 PM October 19th i get a call and they say the valve body is in but the car still has shifting issues.They are not sure what the issue is and have to look in to it more,

They will not help with a rental, i called the GM service line and they basically told me to pound sand because my car is old and has too many miles. I switched and said that the age of my car has nothing to do wither there Genuine Gm Reman Trans went out 24 hours after it was installed. This is bad customer service on Gm, does any one know where i could go or who i could talk to to get some assistance? i just need a car to get a round with. and this is BS The dealer got Paid there money for the Trans and now because i wanted to stay loyal to Gm I am Suffering

Any help would be Great,

thank you for your time


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    As of today the October 28th 2015 the car is still at my local dealer , they finally got the trans replaced Again, after GM "approved" to warranty the whole trans, and i might see the car back this afternoon if there tech finishes, i had to call the dealer to see what was going on because i have not heard from them since October 21st i believe was the last time they contacted me to tell me they were ordering another trans.
    but i still have had nothing from the dealer or GM As Far As a Rental or support.
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