2013 C-Max Hybrid SEL with Energi Badge and charging port?

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There are supposed to be 2 types of C-Max cars with 3 trims total, C-Max Hybrid SE, C-Max Hybrid SEL, and C-Max Energi (SEL trim here as well but referred to as just Energi).
First of all, is this correct?

From the ford brochure for the 2013 C-Max (USA) only the C-Max Energi is supposed to have the charging port, but when I look for 2013 cars on Carmax's site all the C-Max SEL (NOT Energi) models have the Energi badge and have charging ports. I confirmed this when I went to the local Carmax location and did a test drive. How is this possible? Did they change the configuration just before production/shipping?
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