Too many problems. Read if considering a purchase.

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Have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited (V6) and regret buying it so beware.
Continuing transmission problems.
Lots of electrical problems.
-Few instances of a radio that gets stuck, and you can't turn down the volume, change the station or turn it off. Only resolution is to turn the car off and wait about 30 seconds. Dealer can not recreate.
-Navigation resets itself while driving, sporadically. Dealer can not recreate.
-Dinging noise when you first start the car won't stop, unless you restart the car. This only happened once but it was recent.
-All the indicator lights next to gear selector turn on and stay on, no matter what you do. Dealer can not recreate.

I knew that Jeep was risky before buying and it's a real nice car when running properly, but absolutely regret buying it.


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    What you need to do is take the car to the dealer while one of those random issues is occurring, without shutting it off and allowing the problem to go away. Random issues can be very difficult to diagnose and it often comes down to the tech being lucky enough that the problem just happens to occur for him/her. There is a time limit that the techs can spend with any car that isn't producing the reported symptom(s). You should even pre-arrange the visit with the dealer so that when one of the problems do happen they can get a tech to it as rapidly as possible, hopefully before the issue self corrects.
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