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imageOnly Compact By Modern Standards - 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Long-Term Road Test

We may classify the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado as a compact, but it would've qualified as a full-size 20 years ago.

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  • metalmaniametalmania Member Posts: 167
    My neighbor has one, same configuration as this long termer. I see it up close a few times a week, it's definitely not "small". I think it's actually a pretty good size for an "everyday" driver. Big enough for most light duty "truck stuff", small enough to be easy around town and parking lot, roomy enough in the crew cab for 4 average sized adults (no illusions of luxury). He used to have a late model Silverado, not exactly sure what year - maybe 2012. I asked if he missed having the full sized truck: "Not one bit". I'm very much considering buying one.
  • reminderreminder Member Posts: 383
    I own a long-bed version and it's an excellent all-around truck. Enough capability to tow 3 ton without much fanfare.
    Enough interior comfort and technology. Has a fresh style that stands out, but isn't obnoxious. Very comfortable ride. The vast majority of people looking to own a truck would be well-served by the Colorado. Those that need more capability have plenty of choices in full-size.
  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,331
    My uncle was really interested in these, so I went to the dealer with him and looked at them with him. I wasn't all that impressed. If you want a useable back seat you have to get the crew cab model. And even then, the back seat is about as comfortable as your typical mid-70's midsized coupe. Maybe even less so, since the backrest is so upright.

    A crew cab with the 6'2" bed is around 225" long. In contrast, a Dodge Ram with the extended-cab and 6'4" bed isn't much longer, at 229"...AND has a bigger back seat (although still uncomfortable to me), and slightly longer bed.

    Still, they're not bad little trucks. And it feels weird to call something 225" long "little", but it still felt that way to me.

    I like the style of them, though. In the past, it seemed like the smaller trucks would try to ape the style of the bigger trucks, but always look like an afterthought. In the case of the Colorado/Canyon, I think their styling is actually more attractive than the big trucks!

    If I lived in an area where tight parking was a concern, I could see the attraction of one of these smaller trucks.

    As for my uncle, just seeing my reaction to it talked him out of it. And now he has his sights set on a Silverado or Sierra...which he does NOT need! So I guess I'm a bad influence...
  • daryleasondaryleason Member Posts: 501
    The one thing I was hopeful with the Pan Pacific Trade deal was the elimination of the "Chicken Tax" on small trucks. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be happening, since its phased out over a decade (I believe). My first vehicle was a brand new 1994 Ford Ranger, XLT, Short Wide Bed, Regular Cab, 4 Cylinder, 5 Speed Manual. I loved that truck and to this day regret ever trading it off. I should have held onto it. If Ford would produce something similar, size wise, fuel economy wise (it got 28 highway and 22 city), and feature wise (with maybe an upgrade to blue-tooth), I'd be thrilled. Of course, the price would have to be comparable to make it worth it. Ideally, I'd love to see an extended cab small pickup with a decent 4 cylinder, manual transmission, 2WD, short step side bed in the ball park of about 17 grand, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. No midsize. Give me a small truck. Something that would get about the mid-20s for combined (REALISTIC) fuel economy, haul around a 1,000 pounds, and not be the length of a mid-90s Full Size truck.
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    What's even more amazing is that the Colorado's V6 has 100 more horses under the hood than it's 20 year old 5.7 V8 K1500 Grandfather.
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