Tacoma - To TRD or not to TRD?

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I am looking into buying a 2000 Tacoma V6 4x4
xtracab. I have most of my options nailed
down except weather or not to get the TRD pkg. I
plan on putting most of my miles on the
hi-way. any suggestions?


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    Best thing to do, if you can, is get a good test drive in a TRD. The spring rates are significantly higher (stiffer ride)--you may not care for the ride, especially if you're not in the habit of carrying much weight in the truck. You're also buying the locking rear diff. with the TRD package--a waste of money if you don't go off road much.
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    The locker is a marketing gimmick hands down. Anyone who is an avid offroader will tell you the locker is a waste of money on the Tacoma. Tell me, are you really going to take a 21K-23K truck into areas where the locker will really be used? Don't waste your extra money on the sticker.
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    why does everyone think the trd is a stiffer suspension?I had a 97 without the trd option (they didn't have it then) and it had a much stiffer ride than the trd.I now have a 2000 trd and man it just rides so much nicer!Just bounce on the back of a trd and then one without it and you will clearly see the difference!
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    Well, I'm not going to argue with you (not one of those Chevy types), but I have in fact "bounced on the back" of both TRD and non-TRD 4X4's recently, and the TRD is definitely stiffer (IMHO). It is marketed as an off-road performance package, which normally means higher-rate springs and shocks. Same is true of the ZR2, which most reviewers describe as fairly harsh riding. I would add that at the 4X4 shop run by my boss, a number of Taco 4X4 owners (non-TRD) have come in complaining of too soft a ride, and were looking for higher-rate shocks improve the handling. Just my experience. :^) (BTW, if I get a Taco, it'll have the TRD package.)
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    I had a '97 BASIC 4x4 ext cab with almost no options, obviously not TRD. My new '99 has all the options I wish I had before, including the TRD package. I love it! But it is definitely a firmer ride, but not harsh. It handles dips and gullies much better and doesn't bottom out as much off road. I think the package is well worth it. No, I probably won't ever use the locking rear end, most of my off roading is on the sand at Cape Hatteras. But the ride is much more controlled and has less float. I like the idea of having a competent off-roader out the door, with out spending a lot of time and labor "making" it an off roader. Get the TRD!
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    "the locker is a marketing gimmick hands down. anyone who is an avid offroader will tell you its a waste of money in the tacoma. ..."

    you don't spend much time off-road do you. i mean REALLY off-road. places where, if you don't have a locker, or a winch, or a buddy to pull you out, you don't get back. PERIOD! i'm not talking about fire roads, or old logging trails. if you really get out & explore backcountry, you could really benefit from a locker. (whether in a tacoma, ranger, s-10, or whatever you drive!)

    why all the animosity against tacoma owners? did you have a girlfriend leave you for a guy that drove one, or what.

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    The locker only engages when in 4WD Low. What good is that on or off road??? I good locker will engage whether in 4WD or 2WD, like the Eaton locker on my 99 Silverado 4X4. TRD - Waste of money.
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    i'll agree with you there. but here's one for you:

    if the toyota locker will only engage when in 4-low, how is it activated on the PreRunner? I'm actually asking a valid question here; this isn't an attempt to insult anyone's intelligence. The locker is offered as part of the TRD package, for the PreRunner. (w/ locker) The PreRunner is a 2wd truck. Where's the 4-low?

    Also, in reference to your quote "The locker...in 4wd low. What good is that on or off road???"

    What good is that on or off road??? what's your idea of off-road? the speed-bumps at the mall? seriously, though. keeping forward momentum when off-road is the main objective. but there are a number of situations where 4-low is absolutely, positively needed. Don't agree,then get off the pavement, out in the sticks, and really use your truck!

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    OH, you got the wrong guy here bud. I do spend alot of time in the Cascade Mountains, MT Hood, MT St. Helens, and deserts of Eastern Oregon. I have been doing this for about 15 years and know what the hell I am talking about. I do know is that NOONE is going to take a 22K - 24K TRD into areas that a locker will really get its use. If you know anything, you will know what I am talking about. In the areas that a locker is really going to be used a vehicle has a large risk of being damaged or dented. The only place I have ever seen lockers being used are by the hardcore offroaders with their modified Jeeps, Bronco's or older 4x4 vehicles, ones they don't care if they roll or dent or scratch. The locker on the TRD is a joke and a marketing gimmick.
    Enjoy the sticker.
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    I am glad I get to these topics after you. You say everything I would say and I don't have to type that much! DITTO WHAT YOU SAID!

    I go places in my truck that these sissified yuppie "toy boys" wouldn't think of taking their squishy little TURDS, I mean TRD's! I also haul firewood, hay, rock, cement mixers, you name it in the bed. Pull large trailers. Toy Boys, Good luck comparing your truck use with mine. There are very few "malls" where I live and you won't ever see my truck in the parking lot of one anyway. Now, my wife on the other hand, she tells me about all the "pretty" Tacomas she sees carrying all those grocery's home from HyVee! LOL!
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    I have some questions about the locker on the TRD. Why is it there is a 5mph limit posted on the door jamb and in the ownes manual? When the locker is not engaged is it an open axle?
    As we all know most 4x4's don't see even gravel. The TRD package is a sales gimmick by Toyota.
    A limited slip axle is always available without a switch or lever.
    I have a limited slip on my truck. Last night I went to turn onto a busy street. The street was slick do to rain. As I pulled out and accelerated I noticed the rear tire started to spin. I immediatly felt the other tire grab and catch for more traction.
    Does the TRD do this?
  • 2sly4u2sly4u Member Posts: 28
    No. The TRD LS axle IS only good up to 5 mph and then it disengages. Also, it only engages when in 4WD Low. Absolutely useless for when a LS or Locker diff is suppose to be useful, such as in the case you mentioned with your truck where you needed a little more traction, but there was no need to lock it into 4WD. TRD IS a gimmick for yuppie truck owners to feel like they have a real tough truck. Nice looking sticker though, except that sometimes people think it say's TURD rather than TRD.
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    but you STILL haven't answered my question! HOW DOES THE TOYOTA LOCKER WORK ON THE PRERUNNER?? DO YOU JUST NOT KNOW? the trd off-road "marketing gimmick" is offered on the prerunner; the locker is included in this package. how does it work if the truck has no transfer case?

    2sly, are you really serious about your "..what good is that on or off road?" statement? Seriously, man! If you've never been in a situation where a locker was a benefit off-road, that just adds to the validity & strength of my point!!! (see response #9)

    I can tell you guys have really strong opinions & feelings about your respective trucks. That's all fine & good. However, if you ever get off-road and need help getting out, (read STUCK), it'd be wise to drop the attitude. 'Cause all that will help you do is get left out there!

    What, you've never been stuck? Then, you've obviously not been very far off road!
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    Personally, I wouldn't get the TRD, the regular
    Taco is already VERY good off road and I wouldn't
    need the extra it gives me because I don't go off
    road as deep as some people do.

    If you are really into HARD-CORE OFF ROADING, you
    would probably be better served by buying an older
    vehicle (truck, jeep, whatever) and modifying it to
    YOUR exact specs (gearing, tires, shocks, diffs,
    lockers, etc.).
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    You bring up a valid point! For years now, I've been fortunate enough to be part owner in an old trail machine. 1973 International Scout II - V-8, Automatic, factory air, and all the goodies! Yes, its old. Its also VERY COSTLY to repair. Yes, its been stuck on more than one occasion. But it was fairly common knowledge around my hometown that, if the "Beast" didn't make it through, nobody else (with more than 1/2 a brain) even wanted to try!!

    My Dad keeps the Scout out at the farm. I can use it any time i need to. But, my point is this:

    Where I deer hunt & duck hunt, I've got to have 4wd. I don't have to worry about ripping fenders, bumpers, and whatever else off on rocks and trees. All I have to worry about is the mud. DEEP, THICK, AT TIMES BOTTOMLESS, MUD! I can justify spending 20k-25k for a new truck and actually taking it where I need to go! Unlike most people, I can stand a few brush and branch scratches.

    Quite a few people here in Arkansas buy WAY TOO MUCH truck, and never use it. Thankfully, I'm not one of these people! But they are out there. (You know who you are!) However, that is their choice and decision to make. AND ITS NOT MY MONEY THEY'RE SPENDING!! So, I'm not in a position to criticize these people.

    Again, you bring up a very good point! But in my opinion, its more frivolous to build-up and keep up a truck to use for MAYBE 2 months out of the year.

  • SporinSporin Member Posts: 1,066
    Great points, those old Scouts are great, but they DO need the upkeep.

    I have been off roading in stock Tacos before with the big tires but no TRD. This was hairier stuff then I would probably ever do, lots of off-camber slopes, mud and snow, etc. In reality, they were just very poor,very old logging roads, but for ME, scary enough. the stock Taco was AMAZING in this stuff.

    If you are in DEEP MUD a lot, and in Arkansas, iwould guess you are, then I would think a Locker would be essential...no? I'm no expert but that is my thought on it.

    I am hoping ot bulid up a Series LR one of these days for off road fun, or maybe a Jeep. I would definately want a dedicated, but still street leagal, rig for heavy off-raod, but that's me.

    IMO, out of the box, the Taco is ab0ut the best compact off-roader, adn Toyota's leendary reliability would be a nice extra back in the boonies.

    Again, just my opinion.
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    I just bought a 2000 xtracab with trd and I really like it. Make sure you get yours with wheel locks.
  • hindsitehindsite Member Posts: 590
    Congrats Benz on your new truck.
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    Not sure any manufacturer really makes one - if you want Toyota, look at a $50,000 Landcruiser. I guess the Land Rovers are still true off-roaders too. But, to buy a compact pickup with TRD badging and expect a real off-roader - don't think so. So far, Jeep has not lowered themselves to this gimmickry. If you want to go seriously off-road with a Jeep - you install lockers front and rear (no electonic limiters) and you lift it a few inches. They don't come like this off the lot. The Toyota is a selling gimmick and probably works. And, I bet it beats you to death on rough highways if you want to run 75+ mph. No thanks - I'll take my F-150 with the off-road package. It is a true pleasure to drive at any speed - and really not a total slug off-road.
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    Do Ford owners continually feel the need to come in Toyota rooms and tell us what a gimmick Toyotas are? Yeah, Jeeps and Rovers are better offroad, but they have serious quality issues. Toyota doesn't. Toyotas are also more drivable on-road than Jeeps or Rovers.
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    toyota envy maybe????.....lol
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    Sounds about right to me. Either that or they couldn't afford a Toyota so now they feel the need to tell us how bad they are - in Toyota only topics, no less. HAppy New YEar!
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    Nope Tinoda pity more like it!
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    A Ford owner in a Toyota topic. Will it ever end?
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    I have had many 4X4's - most makes - including Nissan. I would have to say the Nissan 4X4 was the best - for about 50,000 miles, before the rust started in - and then the fuel system, and then the u-joints/drive-shafts - not to mention the spark-plug sleeves on the engine. That's just what I can remember at the moment. I don't down-grade this vehicle - it ran 50,000+ miles of very rough New Mexico roads for several years. The Fords don't always start out as well-built, but somehow the basic engineering holds up better. Just had to make a small point - write us back about your great Toyota 10 years from now.
    And, by the way - don't overheat that engine when the head gasket goes!
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    THE HEAD GASKET ISSUE IS OVER IT IS A NONE ISSUE. Toyota has fixed the head gasket problem unlike the Ford piston/cylinder wall slape problem that requires a complete engine overhaul!!!!LOL
    P.S. be carfull with the Ranger 4.0 they are notorious for blowing up just as the warranty is up!!!! LOL
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    Let me ask you a question. Why do you feel the need to come into a Toyota only topic to bash Toyotas? Toyota owners do not do that in Ford topics (the Ford owners do it for us).

    It must be Toyota envy!
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    MMC, looks like you jumped the gun. aka was actually putting Fords down, LOL.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    Look who my post was addressed to. It was to ckitchens, not aka.
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    I have every respect for Toyotas - don't intend for my responses to sound like hate-mail. But, before I purchased my last Ranger - I seriously checked into the Tacoma. (Didn't much care for the rough ride/handling and poor crash results). And, as far as I could tell from chat-groups - the head gasket issue has not gone away. It is less - at least not every engine has it anymore, but it may still be there. Think about it - they did not engineer a new engine - they redesigned the old engine - again. (Toyota has known about this problem for a long time - they built the original engine from a car engine - that by the way works really well.) I have had plenty of friends with the older engines and had to be suspect - a 35,000 mile tune-up includes an $800 head gasket replacement - never gets better - just plan on it, every time. And, just hope you haven't overheated the engine too much - it probably overheated before you knew you had a problem. Like I said - not looking for hate-mail - just curious. I watch the different topics on all of the trucks.
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