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Moving on. Lessons learned

comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
edited October 2015 in Mitsubishi
Finally trading in my 2007 Outlander LS and going elsewhere. While it was the best choice at the time for a CUV things I've learned tell me I won't be doing a Mitsubishi again . While the upper body panels are rust free and held up well the bottom looks like it's been rusting away on a coral reef. (only 57K miles, The heat shields, exhaust and other bottom parts seem like they were made from recycled tuna cans and have been rusting away/falling off over time. I was lucky to find for once that Magnaflow made a SS exhaust cat back system cheaper than the OEM garbage. (my wife's '06 Malibu's original exhaust with 100K looks new by comparison. I went through 3 front springs (all snapped because of inferior metal) . (at least that was covered). A cooling tube rusted through and was expensive(I found out later they knew about this problem and some people had it replaced for free but they were glad to let me pay outside of the 5 yr bumper to bumper) Mostly the car seemed to eat brakes (only 57k and replaced 2-3 times F/R) . I should have looked at my car in broad daylight (my fault) to see the red LEDS washed out in daylight on the Rockford Fosgate radio (sounded great though). The TPMS is proprietary and you must go back to Mitsubishi to reprogram the sensor when the cheap pot metal valve stems corrode, (other brand cars can be replaced by a tire shop and auto learn). Funny to be paying hundreds to fix something so your display comes out of being locked out of monitoring many things with that yellow "the sky is falling in" color because of that failed sensor (never actually had low tire pressure because of a puncture, but rather a failed corroded valve stem. Overall I'm not wild about having something that can only be repaired by the dealer in many cases (painted into a corner, single source and Mitsubishi is hardly a prolific presence in the US). Otherwise the interior experience and V6 power was fine. I wish the others on this list well and the market for CUVs has grown a lot since 2007 with much better choices now IMHO. Wish everyone better experience than me and shame on me to not have "researched 3 times, cut once."


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