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Stalls after 15 minutes. Won't restart. No codes

vega_scagnettivega_scagnetti Member Posts: 2
edited October 2015 in Chevrolet
I need some help with this.
2000 suburban 1500. Runs for 15-20min initially then stalls. Won't restart. I let it sit and it will run again for a few minutes then stall. No codes. I hear the fuel pump turning on everytime I turn the key on. Fuel pressure is good and constant. I changed the fuel filter. Alternator tests good. I did have some battery issues. Do I need to reset the security system after disconnecting battery???
Here is a list of potential problems. Thanks for anyone's help.
Idle control valve
Fuel regulator
Crank shaft sensor
Power train relay
Ignition passlock reset
Security reset.


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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,772
    edited October 2015
    When you have a list of possibilities like that and you guess correctly you look like a genius, however if you end up guessing all of the wrong ones first you used the same routine but suddenly you don't look like a genius.

    What are you losing when the symptom occurs? Spark? Fuel? Both? What testing has been done while the no-start is occurring? The security system will only shut the car down within a few seconds after starting. After that it would not only just set a code, it would also enter a scripted failure mode which shuts the security system itself down. That means that the car would then start without the security system's oversight so there is no way that it is a plausible source of the trouble.

    You did supply some potential clues and the fact that no-codes are stored is a pretty important one. When attempting to do diagnostics in a case like this you have to ask yourself what could cause there to be no codes setting? One possible cause would be if the system was losing it's "IGNITION ON" input. Think about that for a moment, there would be no reason to set a code if the system thinks that it is being commanded to turn off.

    Now that was one possibility. There are more but we really need to start to narrow the focus by finding out what is, and isn't working when the symptom occurs.
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